Brown Dust MOD APK: Brown Dust was created and published by NEOWIZ company, and it is available to be downloaded on the iOS and Android and platforms. The empire has fallen, and the age of great mercenaries now begin. You will be given an advanced role on the battlefield; your mission will be mainly focused on recruiting new members to your army. Collect the right resources and gather them together to forge a newly upgraded mercenary, who is ready to demolish his enemies. Download Brown Dust MOD APK unlimited diamonds, tickets and money now.

If you’re a strategic thinker then you might have already figured out the game by now – or have you? Well, our Brown Dust MOD APK features unlimited diamond, gems, money and tickets will help you get a better experience of everything in the game, as well as an overall idea on how to organize your mercenaries to take down the enemies.

Brown Dust MOD APK

Brown Dust MOD APK is an awesome RPG developed till the date. Form your ultimate team and enjoy the real strategic battle. Experience hundreds of strategies depending on the type of mercenaries, formation, attack order. Experience a deep and exciting adventure storyline. Collect five different runes to upgrade mercenaries’ abilities. Gather awakening materials for your mercenaries.

So, are you ready for some fights? Strategic battles? Then let’s dive right into the Brown Dust MOD APK right here below

Let’s Get Started

Before we dive any deeper at our Brown Dust review, we would like to remind our readers that the game is online. You must have a decent internet connection in order to enjoy playing Brown Dust MOD APK.

GenreRole Playing
Available AtGoogle Play
Updated on20 April 2019

Prepare Your Ultimate Plan

This game is packed up with tons of features and you will get to use them all as you advance up in the game. So we have decided to start discussing each feature individually and help our readers to have a better understanding over the gameplay.

Brown Dust MOD APK

This is a turn-based game, so you must prepare for a proper plan before even the battle begins. Pick up the right mercenaries for each combat and make sure that you are 100% aware of their pros and cons. Dive through an interesting storyline split into episodes, and the Brown Dust MOD APK will simply make the experience much better.

Understand The Principle Of Brown Dust MOD APK

In Brown Dust MOD APK, Characters or Mercenaries attack the enemies and use their skills automatically. One of the most challenging part comes when you have to deploy the right units at the right position and make a strong formation that no one could break through. The game features campaign mode, PvP mode, Guide mode and challenge Mode. You will gain Verity of materials by playing this mode with which you can form your team which is unbeatable.

Brown Dust MOD APK

First thing you need to remember, is that the team on the right side makes the first move. If the enemy army is on the right side, you need to brace yourself and prepare for a hit. Since the mercenaries will attack the opponents right in front of them (on the same line) you need to place them properly. 

Always make sure you check their range and place them in such a manner that it will give the enemy a hard time dealing with you. However, you need to be careful of the number of tiles your mercenaries can use, so pay close attention to that.

Create An Ultimate Team Formation

In my opinion this is one of the most important features. Especially in the early stages of the game, you should take your time and practice different team setups and formations, to see which ones you like best and which work best. Since it will be easy to defeat the enemies, put all your effort into understanding the game mechanics, because it is not as easy as it seems! There are many factors in Brown Dust MOD APK, you will need to take into consideration, from Runes to supports and how to set a good order of battle. 

Join a Powerful Guild in Brown Dust MOD APK Version

In Brown Dust MOD APK, Guilds are like clans in clas of clans, which we all know for what purpose they are built and how important they are if you want to progress quickly in the game as well as build your own alliance.

Brown Dust MOD APK

Though, this game is not guild based, but it would be much better if you join any social and active Guild. We all know having a good clan or guild, it helps us alot in different ways like asking suggestions for your set-up and sharing strategies amongst all. On the other hand, chatting is the option to make things more interesting than ever. And as Clash Of Clans, in Brown Dust MOD APK, you can have war between thousands of guild in Guild Battles.

Customise Your Mercenaries The Way You Want

Brown Dust MOD APK is not just a war game but it is filled with customisation too. What other cool feature could there be other than costumes? There are several costumes in the game that you can purchase, and if you have a favorite one, definitely save up the Diamonds to acquire them – that is, if you don’t have anything else to spend them on!

Brown Dust MOD APK
features of the game

For example Candy Bomb Octavia costume, which costs 2000 Diamonds but it comes not only with the costume, but with 10x Premium Scrolls, 2000 Horseshoe and 1 Mil Gold. In order to acquire it, just keep on playing and logging in daily. There are others which are also really cool, like Aloha Alec, but some of them are only event limited such as Halloween, Christmas, so might not be available right away. These costumes are purely aesthetic, so don’t expect them to affect your characters in any way.

What’s So Special In Brown Dust MOD APK

Brown Dust MOD APK is such an awesome piece of artwork of a perfectly crafted strategic based game where you will build, upgrade and battle with enemies to show your glory. But despite having all this, we don’t get much of the satisfaction because most of the items available on the in-game store are paid and we don’t want to spend real money on it. But still, have a hope for us to get all those costumes free or get mightiest of Mercenaries and upgrade them to their beast mode? Then you are probably in the right place. We are providing you with Brown Dust MOD APK with lots of exciting features.

MOD Features

Unlock All Mercenaries

Upgrade Mercenaries

Unlimited Spinning Of Lucky Wheels

Unlock All Mercenaries: In Brown Dust MOD APK, Your army will be packed of different types of mercenaries. These mercenaries will come in form of cards and could be purchased from the store with diamonds or win them for completing missions. Afford the cost of the strongest mercenaries with the Brown Dust hack service. Each mercenary will be rated in stars system. The more stars the mercenary has is the stronger he will be.

Upgrade Mercenaries: The diamonds are not only used in purchasing new mercenaries, they are used in upgrading them. Increasing their abilities and adding new skills to the attacking skills list will make you much stronger. Leveling up the mercenary will increase the attacking powers and health point’s number. The attributes will see the upgrade powers as well but not as big as the previous attributes. Download Brown Dust MOD APK now.

Installation Guide For Brown Dust MOD APK

This game has APK data as well as Obb data, so you have to download the APK and Ob data seperately and later extract it into your android device’s internal storage. Follow this simple installation guide given below.

First of all go to Settings app>>Enable unknown resources>>Turn on the switch. This way now you can install third party applications from websites other than play store. Since, we are providing you with MOD APK, obliviously it will not be able on the play store and you have to download it from our website.

First step is to download the MOD APK and OBB data first to your android device. Click on the Download button, we have provided you with the direct download link, so you will have no worries.

Brown Dust MOD APK

Once the the Brown Dust MOD APK and OBB data has been downloaded, go to internal storage>>Download folder>>Click on The Brown Dust MOD APK and tap install, the installation process may take a moment, once the application is installed.

Brown Dust MOD APK

Second step is to extracting OBB data into OBB folder. For this, go to settings app>>Download Folder. Click on the OBB file of Brown Dust MOD APK and tap on extract, extract it to the following location. Internal storage>>Android>>Obb folder>>Brown dust game folder named as ‘’.

install the game
how to install

After extracting it to the obb folder, open the game and enjoy its modded features.

Final Verdict

Brown Dust MOD APK is such an awesome piece of artwork of a perfectly crafted strategic based game where you will build, upgrade and battle with enemies to show your glory. But this is not the end, we have also provided you with some of the modded features in the game, so you can enjoy the game more than ever. So what are you waiting for? Just go and Download Brown Dust MOD APK now.