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Download Call Of Duty Mobile APK + OBB (MOD, Unlimited Money) v1.0.0 For Android

Call of duty mobile mod

Call of Duty Mobile: is an action and war based game for Android mobile by Activision Publishing, Inc. This game is similar to some popular and advanced mobile games like PUBG MOBILE, Garena Free Fire, Modern Combat 5 etc. Battle Royale genre has been a choice of mobile gamers nowadays. The popularity of shooting mobile games should be credited not only to PUBG MOBILE, Free Fire and Fortnite but also to Call of Duty Mobile. Shooting has always been a genre of mobile gaming. War has been using as a theme for movie and gaming industries since long ago. Movies like the cold war and  Saving Private Ryan are two examples of it. Games like COD world at war, Battlefield and Red Orchestra 2 are some examples of it too. In this article, I am going to share with you “Call of Duty: Mobile APK and OBB” data and all the information about this game.

Call of Duty: Mobile Info:

Size1.1 GB
Download onGoogle Play
Last updated19 April 2019
Call of duty mobile mod

One of The Best Battle Royale Games

The Call of Duty Mobile was created in a collaboration with the gaming partner Tencent and the publisher Activision. There is a huge chance you may have known or heard about Tencent. Tencent is the developer of the game PUBG Mobile version. Pubg Mobile was a huge success of Tencent and Pubg Mobile was one of the trending topics in the gaming industry in 2018. Another victory Tencent might achieve through the Call of Duty Mobile in 2019. However, it is based upon peoples’ choices. Play the game and consider yourself. Download Call of Duty Mobile APK + OBB latest version.

Download Call of Duty Mobile APK & OBB

Call of duty mobile mod download

Download Call of Duty Mobile APK + Obb

Download Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK + OBB

The game has not yet been released globally, to play the game you may need to change your original IP address to a Chinese IP.

Features Overview of Call of Duty Mobile

Call of duty mobile mod overview
  • An online multiplayer game, so you play it with friends
  • Call of Duty: Mobile version is free to download and play
  • There are varieties of skin for the player and weapons
  • Player characters, weapons and map are featured from across the history of COD
  • Call of Duty Mobile requires the mid-end or high-end device, however, a system requirement from Activision has not announced yet
  • War based first person shooter

The Game Focused on A Theme of War

Call of duty mobile mod war

The Call Of Duty: Mobile legend of war is a first-person perspective (FPP) shooting game and it is focused on a war theme. The main mods in the game are found zombie mod and real-time network. This game has incorporated the best of all the game parts including graphics, soundtracks and real-time battle royale. We all love to play the kind of game in which we play the role of a responsible soldier. There we are called and sent to breakneck places. The same gameplay of war we get in this Call of Duty Mobile. Play as a soldier, be ready to be called for new missions and go to new places and fights against your enemies. You are ranked up through the missions XP so you have to focus on the gameplay and try to collect that XP.

Call of Duty: Mobile will take you to a war, where you can use your weapons, grenade and even vehicles to conduct battles. The graphics of the game will give you an ultimate realistic experience, as well as sound in the game is 3D which can be more realistic in headphones.

Great Battle Gameplay in COD Mobile

Imagine a situation that you are a brave soldier of an Army and there you are a brave shooter in the army. There you are going to the battlefield, a mission with your crew or army. There you might complete the mission silently or sometimes in war. Suppose, you are going there in a helicopter or by vehicles, suddenly you are spotted by your enemies and you have to be responsible for saving your crew and take the role of a brave soldier.

In the game, Call of Duty: Mobile your mission is to complete your missions, you are not alone there you can complete those missions with your friends, They can join you and play together in real-time. Finish one mission and ready to get another one, this way you will be able to rank up your level and XP. You are the commando and a great shooter who is equipped with a variety of weapons including Sniper rifle, shotgun, machine gun, pistol and more. You can also be able to change your weapons’ skins, a great variety of skins available in the shop which could be unlocked through ranking up and purchasing. What are you waiting for? Download Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK Obb and play like a pro.

Installation Guide

The large size of games could be a matter to some people if the game is downloaded in an APK and Obb files. If are downloading Call of Duty Mobile APK and Obb zip files and do not have the idea what to do with them, do not worry about. Through this installation process, I will guide you on how to install COD: Mobile APK and Obb files. So let’s begin the installation process.

>> Extract the Obb Zip file into the following path of your Android storage, Android>>Obb.

>> To be able of installing an APK file into an Android, turn on unknown sources which is located at >> Android Settings>>Security>>Unknown sources.

As soon as you have done these above actions, install the APK file of Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of duty mobile mod install it

Locate the APK file into the file manager of your Android device, tap the APK and tap install, it will soon install it.

Call of duty mobile mod installing

As soon as it is successfully installed, open the game and enjoy!

Call of duty mobile mod installed


Call of Duty: Mobile is a first person shooting game for Android. In this post, I have shared with you “Call of Duty: Mobile APK & Obb” and I have also talked over the features, gameplay and information of the game. You should know that the game is known as Call of Duty: Legend of War in China. The global version should be known as Call of Duty: Mobile.

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