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Clash Of Souls APK Download (*CocServer*) v8.0.5 Updated Version 2019

clash of souls

Clash Of Souls is one of the top 3 private servers of Clash Of Clans. If you are looking for Clash of Souls and you want to download its APK files, then you are at the best place. We will provide not only the Clash of Souls APK latest version 2019 Town Hall 12, but also all the information about it. In this article about, “Clash of Souls” we provide APK files of all the active servers of the Clash of Clans’ famous private server. We also ensure that you get the original and latest version of the servers, so we keep updating the APK files. We have displayed the information about every server and its features, therefore, it is easy to understand to you that which server is perfect for you. At the same time, you can download the APK file just clicking the download button. So, let’s see what deferent features you get in these servers.

Clash of Souls has 4 private servers, each server offers deferent features and deferent gameplay. All the servers come with the latest level that is town hall 12. Town Hall 12 comes with new troops and new buildings such as Electro Dragons, Battle Blimp, Wall wrecker and more.

The Highlighted Features of Clash of Souls

clash of souls
  • Unlimited resources, gems, golds, elixirs
  • Unlimited Buying limit
  • Unlimited building placement
  • Town Hall, including Electro Dragon, Battle Blimp and more
  • Builder Hall 8 with all troops
  • Troop and building of Clash Royale and Boom Beach
  • Command Feature
  • Fast Server
  • Regular Updates
  • 4 Servers with deferent features

Download Clash Of Souls APK Latest Version (TH 12) 2019

clash of souls

Server 1

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Server 2

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Server 3

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Server 4

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Features of The Servers of Clash Of Souls

clash of souls

Server 1: This is the first server of the Mod, it includes a lot of features like No buying limits, Admin commands, custom building, and troops from Clash Royale and Boom beach. This server is for those, who want no limit. It means there is no limitation of building and troops. You get unlimited buildings including X-bow, Archer tower, cannons, even unlimited army camps. Train unlimited army such as Electro Dragon, Battle Blimp etc. Command feature is common in every server of Clash of Souls. To use the feature you will be able to attack own base, set max base just typing the commands in the Global Chat panel.

Server 2: The second server is little deferent from Server 1. The common you get in both server is the Command feature. Besides this, the server does not allow buying unlimited buildings. This server is for them, who want to play the game normally with unlimited gems only.

Server 3: The server is quite deferent from all the servers from Clash of Souls. Why so? Server 3 does not include any add-ons with Commands and Unlimited buying limit. It features unlimited resources only.

Server 4: The server is similar to server 1. The same features included in both servers.

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