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Clash of souls apk icon

Clash of Souls Apk Download 2023 (Unlimited Gems)


Use Clash of Souls APK to play COC with unlimited gems, elixir & gold, all hero skins, and instantly upgrade everything to max level.

App Info of Clash of Souls

App Name

Clash of Souls


( 26 )




Clash of Clans Private Servers

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Gems

About Clash of Souls

Clash of Souls is one of the best private servers of COC available right now. It has unlimited gems, which helps us to upgrade anything in no time, unlimited resources, which are used for training, building etc. It has way more features which you will find in the article. So stay here and don’t miss any information about Clash of Souls APK for Android.

Official COC, which I have played for like six years and still my base is not a town-hall 13 max. As you know it takes years to max out everything 🙁 But with these Mods, hell we can max out our base to the latest & max level within some minutes. In this article, Clash of Souls is the private server we will be talking about. So be ready to enjoy the game like never before.

What makes Clash of Souls Cool?

Do you know what makes Sun admirable? It brights us in every way! Just like this, Clash of Souls is admirable because it makes everything so easy for a clasher, he can do anything, he can upgrade his base like the way he wants to, as fast as he wants to, as beautiful as he wants to. Because of the private server features everything is so easy in Clash world. Read more about the special Clash Modded APK down here.

Clash of Souls APK Information

Clash of souls apk info

This is the first thing you should focus on, can your device play this game or not? Well just read this important info to get known!

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Features about Clash of Souls MOD

Clash of souls apk features

Without features, nothing is valuable! That’s why Clash of Souls has so many cool features which I will discuss here.

  • Limitless gems and resources
  • Trusted server with no lag
  • Safety
  • Additional custom mods
  • Clan wars
  • Compatability
  • Regular updates

Limitless gems and resources

The most important things in the Clash world are gems and resources. Without gems we can’t cancel the building or upgrading time. Also, we need resources like elixirs, gold and dark-elixirs for upgrade buildings, troops and spells which are obtained from gold mines, elixirs collectors, and dark drills and of course, from other player’s base. And it makes us tired but with the latest version of Clash of Souls, you will have no problem at all.

Trusted server with no lag

Like Clash of Lights, MiroClash APK and PlenixClash APK, Clash of Souls also has a trusted server which is controlled by a very good developer team 24/7 which provide us fluent super silky gameplay without lag which is pretty admirable. Most of the COC private servers have lag issues but here in this mod, no way. If you ask, I would strongly recommend that you should try it.


Firstly you must know that Clash of Souls APK is developed by the third-party developers, but it’s safe for all the Android devices because it doesn’t have fraud or an affected server. Unlike most of COC private server, this app won’t delete your account data from its servers because all the data stored on their servers.

Additional custom mods

Clash of Souls have some additional custom mods which make it an awesome Mod. These custom mods help you to change the variety of heroes, buildings etc! Also, it has some of the rarest features than the rest of COC Private Servers! This makes it a decent game.


This is an important thing to be known by you. Can your device be able to run this mod? Well, keep reading and you will find an answer! Clash of Souls is from some of the rarest mods available which is able to run on Android as well as iOS. Yes, you can play Clash of Souls on your Apple device also! Even you can play it on your PC. So don’t worry, because “CLASH FOR ALL.”

Installation steps

Before just quitting our website, you must read the installation steps and more info so that so won’t find any problems during installation and any other issues! Firstly, after downloading the file, go to>Phone storage>Downloads>Clash of Souls APK.

Enable installation from unknown sources

Enable it from Phone’s setting>permission>unknown source>enable.

Clash of souls apk installation image

After enabling this, just tap on install and Clash of Souls will start to install on your device and it will take less than 2 minutes if you have a mid-performance phone, unless it will take seconds to install if you have a high-performance device! Don’t worry if you have a low-mid performance device like mine, it will only take time during installation, but the game will run 100% smooth!

Clash of souls apk installation image

Now the installation is finished! Enjoy the game. But before going, you may read some frequently asked questions which may help you to get more information of this mod.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clash of Souls has a clan feature?

Yes, Unlike many private servers, Clash of Souls has a clan feature. Invite your friends to join the battle together for a great experience. And don’t worry because all the data will be saved in the servers regarding clan wars!

Clash of Souls is developed by Supercell?

No, it is a private server of COC which is developed by the third-party developers! But this doesn’t matter because it has way more great features than the original game. So get ready to join the Soul Meta.

Can I play Clash of Souls anytime?

Yes, it has a 24/7 uptime. You don’t have to worry about anything because there will be no server lag & maintenance issues, etc. Play it anytime and anywhere.

Does it lag?

No, As you know, Clash of Souls is a private server. It is controlled and maintained by high speed internet connection, multi core CPU, etc. So don’t worry about lag! You just need to have a good and stable internet connection, it won’t lag.


So what you think about one of the greatest private server of COC? Download Clash of Souls. It is just awesome. It has great features, stability, compatibility, also safe for your device! So what have you decided? Just go for it, you won’t regret playing it. Have a good day! PEACE.

Download Clash of Souls

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