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Knife Hit MOD APK Download (Ad-Free UI + All Unlocked) | v1.8.3

Knife Hit MOD APK: The game, Knife Hit MOD APK is the new addition to our evergreen arcade categories of MOD APK. Arcade games are always fun to play. They generally don’t have levels, the gameplay just continues and it never ends, until you lose. Such games kill our boredom and give us momentarily joy. We have some of the best games in the arcade categories. On the other hand, we are all always on the hunt for such small, initiative and fast-paced games which keeps us busy for hours. So let’s talk about another arcade game called Knife Hit MOD APK (All knife unlocked).

Originally this Knife Hit MOD featuring unlimited apples was launched on Google play store and Apple app store by Ketchapp studios. The same developers who developed some of the popular arcade hits in mobile gaming. Popular games like Turn, Rush, Color Balzz, Dunk Shot, The Tower Assassin’s Creed, fit and much more. They have been awarded as best and hot selling arcade games for Android and iOS. This game has got over 50 million downloads on the Google play store and is on trending page now.

The game, Knife Hit MOD APK itself gives you clean, smoother and simple experience. You can call this one as the ultimate knife challenge. Graphics of Knife Hit MOD APK is also friendly. You have just throw the knives into the logs which are constantly rotating and break them. You need to just use your one hand to throw the knives into a wooden log. Some time feels tired by using two hands on a mobile screen. Then here is the game which requires your one hand to play. You have to simply tap on screen to throw th knives into logs to slash the apples to unlock new knives. Each 5th stage is defended by a boss, beat them to get exclusive knives. Be careful to not hit the knives or the spikes. Time your actions, target carefully and become the knife master. Remember practice makes a man perfect.

So what’s Special ?

So what’s special in Knife Hit MOD APK? Well, MOD APKs will always have an upper hand over the original game. It provides you with a handful of features which are not present in the original game version. It includes features as Ad-free UI, Unlocked all knives. Tere is lots of adds come after each and they ruin our gaming experience. There is no loss and profit of watching those ugly adds. They not necessary for us but they pop-up every time and disturb us. Thats why developer has changes some files and made modded version of original game, without any sticky add. Totally add free game. The modded version of Knife Hit MOD APK gives you a totally add free game and with unlocked knives. These features do not come with the original game and you have to pay money for it, and for a reason, we don’t love spending money on the game. So all such features will be included and will be available to download directly from the given link. Before that let’s get to know more about the game itself and its features. SO, let’s Download the latest version of Knife Hit MOD APK.

Knife Hit MOD APK Information

Apk Size74 MB
Requires Android4.1 +
Download OnGoogle Play Store
Last UpdatedMarch 2019

Download Knife Hit MOD APK

Knife Hit MOD APK

Knife Hit MOD APK Features

Knife hit mod apk
MOD Features

Ad-Free UI

Unlocked All Knives

Unlock All Power-Ups to Level 6

Unlock All Challanges

The Knife Hit MOD APK provides you with above-listed features such as Ad-Free UI, unlocked all knives, unlocked all power-ups up to level 6, unlock all challenges. You requires one hand to play ,this is not a feature of Knife Hit MOD , but this is one best advantage of it. Developers of the app have added above these features for the ease of playing. Also, these mods are free to play, this means you will never have to spend a single penny on the game, it is also free to download. So feel free to download our MOD Version. So, lets have a look at the features listed below.

Add-Free UI- Adds are frustrating and time-consuming, they pop up unnecessarily and no one, especially on the arcade, will like to watch them. So, developers of the Knife Hit MOD APK have removed those spooky and ugly ads which ruin your gaming experience. They bore us too much, we play games to kill our boredom but those ugly adds came again and again and didn’t let it happen. So get a clean and pure gaming experience and see no more ads while playing anymore.

All Knife unlocked: Unlock all the cool and exciting knives from the shop which are not for free there. Get knives by exchanging apples, or by defeating bosses by taking shots on a log for consecutively 5 times. You can also earn knives by completing challenges in the normal game. But in case of Knife Hit MOD APK featuring all knife unlocked, all these knives will be unlocked readymade you just need to select which one you want and have fun.

Unlock All Challenges: Unlock from the range of challenges such as Kingdoms challenge, Monsters challenge, Pirates challenge Jungle challenge, Treasure challenge and Ice age challenge. Also, developers are working hard to bring more and more challenges and content as the original game gets its update.

Knife Hit MOD APK Gameplay

Knife hit mod apk

The game is simple and fun to play. When you start the game a wooden log starts to rotate in front of you and you have to throw a number of knives until it gets broken. Throw knives exactly on the apple stuck on the wooden log to get new types of knives. But beware, try not to hit the knives which you have already threw on the log. Also, don’t throw knives on the spikes or else game will be over. This is such a cool and fun game to play. You will have to master in this game by practising it more and more.

Is It Free to download?

YES, Knife Hit MOD apk is totally 100% free to download. There is no hidden charges to download our MOD APK. All Unlocked knives and challenges are also free. You don’t need pay a single penny. Feel free to download this ultimate challenge game. This is also free from adds ,so you enjoy it more without any disturbance. Download it now.

Installation Guide

To install Knife Hit MOD APK properly on your device, follow these steps step by step.

First of all, you will need to download the Knife Hit MOD APK to your Android device. As shown in the image down, simply click on the download link provided above and the game APK will start to download to your internal storage.

Knife hit mod apk

After downloading the APK go to your internal storage, Locate the Knife Hit MOD APK and click on it. You will be asked to install the APK onto your phone, simply click on install.

Knife hit mod apk

After clicking on it, the installation process will start as shown in the image below. You will have to wait for a minute or less for the proper installation of the game.

Knife hit mod apk

Once the installation process gets completed successfully, open the application and enjoy the game.

Knife hit mod apk

Final Verdict

Regular game is very boring to play, on the other hand, “Knife Hit MOD APK” is a way better than the original one. You will be getting all the knives unlocked from the shop. Also, the user interface is totally free from Ads. Unlock all challenges without playing them and enjoy the game as you never experienced it before. Download Knife Hit MOD APK (Unlimited apples) now from the given links above.

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