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GFX Tool APK (60FPS) Download for PUBG V0.10.0 Latest Version (v4.9.5)

gfx tool apk

Gfx Tool APK: Higher graphics Android games do not come for every Android device, those are specially developed for High-end smartphones. Pubg Mobile is one of best action Android games that come for high-end devices.  It has stunning graphics that may not support on every Android device, to play the game you must need an Android device that has minimum requirements for playing Pubg. In this article, we will be sharing with you an amazing app called GFX Tool APK that every Pubg player should have. If you do have a well-featured Android device, it does not mean you get power to set maximum graphics as HDR  with 60FPS. So how could you able to get so? You can improve the graphics on any high-end and mid-end devices, support Pubg Mobile, Just installing an app called GFX Tool. Here we will share with you Gfx Tool APK latest version that is comparable with the latest version of Pubg Mobile. We also ensure that you get all the information about Gfx Tool APK here.

Gfx Tool APK is not an official tool from Tencent and Pubg Mobile, it is a third party app that is used to just improve the graphics of Pubg Mobile. It is not a hacking tool, so it is quite secure to use without getting a ban. It just helps to improve graphics at a high level. Sometimes, having low-end Android devices you can not play the game in higher graphics. To use this app you can customize the graphics of Pubg Mobile. Anti-aliasing, including shadow you can set FPS from 30 to 60. It will actually help you getting Chicken Dinners. Download GFX Tool APK latest version from our website just clicking the download button.

Download GFX Tool APK for PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 (App V4.9.5)

gfx tool apk


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Gfx Tool Latest Version APK Info:

App Info
Size8 MB
Requires Android4.4+
Supports PUBG Mobile Version0.10.0

Features of Gfx Tool APK

gfx tool apk

Graphics: You can select graphics of the game such as Smooth, So Smooth, HD, even HDR.

Anti Aliasing: You can enable and disable the anti-aliasing of the game.

FPS: The latest version of GFX Tool app supports up to 60FPS. For lower devices, select 30FPS or 40FPS.

Resolution: You can increase the resolution size of the up to 2560*1440, at the lower 660*540.

Shadows & Style: You can enable and disable shadow and you will be able to play the game in any of these following styles – Colorful, Realistic, Soft and Film.

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