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Granny Mod APK v1.5 (Not Attack + Invisible Mod) for Android

Granny mod apk

Do you like playing games like horrible and adventures? If you do then the game called Granny Mod APK is a great game for you. This is a very simple horrible game comes on Android with a simple interface and light gameplay. Granny is an old woman character who is a ghost or a monster in a house. You are locked in the house by the granny and you have to escape and get out yourself from her house, The gameplay is so interesting and adventurous. We provide Granny Mod APK which is modified by the third party.


The Mod Granny is quite different from the original game. In the mod version, you get Granny invisible Mod and the Granny does not attack Mod. If you do not understand what do these mods function, we will display all the features about these mods and everything about the Granny Mod APK. Essentially the first invisible makes you hidden from granny that you do not have to get under the bed and hide somewhere to escape yourself from her. She hears everything. When you walk on the floor or drop something granny runs toward you immediately, as you are invisible she can not see you. It will help you escape you from the house. The second feature of the mod, “Monster does not attack“, you will not be hurt by the monster and by granny either. All these help you a lot to escape from her house.


Download Granny Mod APK Version 1.5


Granny mod apk

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Granny Mod APK Info:

Granny mod apk

App Info
Size66 MB
Requires Android4.1+



Mod Features of Granny Mod Menu

Granny mod apk

What features are seen in the mod? here all the info about the mod features you get in the latest version of the game. You need neither root nor any superuser permission to enable mod features. These following features you get at the start of the game.

  • Granny Does not attack you
  • Speed walk and crouch
  • Invisible
  • Green eyes
  • Monster does not attack you
  • Mod Menu

More About Mod Features

Granny can not attack you: You are locked in a house and you have to escape from the house, Granny does not attack you whether you are in front of her or not.

Invisible: We do not know that the feature makes you invisible or the granny blind. Overall, she can not see you and does not attack either.

Speed walk: You can run and crouch away from Granny fastly. Enough to make far away from her and all these help you win the game.

Installation Guide for Granny Mod APK:

1 ) If you have installed the original game, delete or uninstall on your Android.

Granny mod apk

2 ) Download the locate the APK file, click the install button and wait let your device install the game.

Granny mod apk

3 ) When it is installed, open the Granny Mod APK game and start playing.


Granny mod apk


Granny mod apk

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