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Mortal Kombat Mod

MORTAL KOMBAT MOD Apk Download 5.0.0 (Damage/Defense, Dumb Enemy)


Play MORTAL KOMBAT MOD APK with Scorpion, Sub-zero, or any of the MK11 characters and finish your opponents with fatal blows.


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Requires Android

5.0 and up


Damage/Defense, Dumb Enemy


Hey there, from here, you can download Mortal Kombat MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Souls) which has many modified features such as Unlimited Money, High-damage and MOD Menu. MORTAL KOMBAT is one of the best fighting, action games offered by Warner Bros. International Enterprises. It has more than fifty million downloads on the play store. It is on the 5th number in the top action-grossing games. Play with Scorpion, Sub-zero, or any of the MK11 characters and finish your opponents with fatal blows. Get the Mortal Kombat MOD APK Unlimited Money and Souls now and enjoy the game with its amazing features.

Overview of Mortal Kombat


Mortal Kombat MOD APK

Mortal Kombat APK MOD is a fighting game where you will battle in 3vs3 teams. Make your team with powerful Mortal Kombat characters and play any mode like single-player, multiplayer, or sorcerer’s tower. You can use equipment and support items to increase the character’s stats. In battle, you can use only one character at a time. Use basic attacks, special moves, x-ray moves, or fatal blows to end your opponent’s life. You can swap out the character to let him regenerate and use others to fight. When one character dies, another character will come to the battlefield. Kill all three opponents to win the battle. 


Mortal Kombat MOD APK

You can easily master the controls in the Mortal Kombat mobile MOD APK. Tap on the screen to attack and tap & hold on both sides of the screen to block. To use the combo, tap multiple times. Attacking the opponent charges your special move. You can see the special move bar on the bottom left corner charging. When it fully charges, you can see an icon. Tap that to use the special move. Special moves require many types of swiping or tapping action to deal more damage like stop the moving pointer in the middle of the line, tap rapidly in the circle, or swipe in a certain direction.


Mortal Kombat MOD APK

Play with the heartless & merciless characters of Mortal Kombat 11. It has more than 130 Mortal Kombat characters like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Hileena, Raiden, Jade, Ermac, etc. Characters are divided into many categories & rarity. Each character has unique skills. High rarity characters have more & fatal skills. Depending on the character’s class, your team will get buff like extra attack damage, hp, speed, etc. Fuse the duplicate character cards to increase their stats.


You are not just bound to the single-player AI battles in Mortal Kombat mod. There are many modes you can play and earn awesome rewards.

Single Player Battle Mode

In this mode, there are so many towers on a map. Each tower contains 5 floors. Fight and win on each floor to clear the tower. Your opponents will be AI. With each tower, you will face stronger opponents.

Sharo Kahn’s Tower

In the Sharo Kahn’s Tower, you can earn talent points with each victory. You can play only 3 matches per day. With the talent points, you can unlock and upgrade the talents in the talent tree that affects all your characters’ stats. 

Sorcerer’s Tower

There are two types of Sorcerer’s tower based on the difficulty: Sorcerer’s Tower and Sorcerer’s Tower Fatality. In the first type, clear the tower to get a diamond character card and in the second type, you will get a diamond character card and also high rarity equipment on clearing the tower.

Quest Mode

In the quest mode, you can send your characters on the quests. After clearing the quest, you can get coins, souls, support items, or equipment.

Multiplayer Faction Wars

Multiplayer faction wars also have 2 types: Quick Match and Survival. There are 5 factions. You can join any faction. In the quick match, you will play against the real players of the same faction. In survival type, when you win a battle and join the next, your character’s HP will be the same as it was at the end of the first battle. With each victory, you will get blood points. You can also get blood rubies that you can use to buy characters from the faction store.

MOD Features

Mortal Kombat MOD APK has the following amazing features:

MOD Menu – It has the MOD menu that includes damage multiplier and defense multiplier. You can set these attributes to 1000x in this MOD menu. As it has the mod menu, it’s also known as Mortal Kombat Mobile MOD Menu APK.


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