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The Lonely Hacker MOD Apk Download 22.2 (Unlimited Money)


App Info of The Lonely Hacker

App Name

The Lonely Hacker


( 3 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About The Lonely Hacker

The Lonely Hacker is a simulation game offered by The Lonely Developer 1987. It has more than millions of downloads on the play store. Wanna be a hacker, experience the life of a hacker, and hack everything. Then read about this game.

Overview of The Lonely Hacker


The Lonely Hacker APK

You will start your journey as a hacker. You will join an agency that gives contracts to hackers to complete jobs. The agency gives you a new id, a new computer, and some cash to start your career as a hacker. Go to headquarters to start your tutorial and choose missions. You will get all the instructions on how to do things related to the missions from the mail so that you understand which software to use for any specific hacking and how. You will get money and XP for complete missions. Once you know all about the techniques, you can travel anywhere in the world and start hacking every device on your own. 


The Lonely Hacker APK

Controls are really simple. You just need to learn which hacking software to use and how. Tap on the Headquarters to choose and start any missions. You can also buy new software and hardware in the headquarters. On the right side of the screen, you can check your balance, mails, your files stored in the computer and access inventory. On the bottom right corner, open the wife widget to see all the wifi networks. And on the bottom left corner, tap on the start button to open any hacking software you have. There is a “?” option in the top right corner when you open any software to know about the software and how it works. 

Missions & Software

The Lonely Hacker APK

There are many types of missions for you in the headquarters. And for each mission, you need hacking software related to that. Like to hack a wifi network secured with WPS, you need WPS Cracker software. It can crack any 8 digit WPS wifi. Buy software related to wireless networks, networking, router, printer exploit, file deleter exploit, botnet bitcoin miner, and much other software. Software costs a lot so you need to do many missions. 

Buy New & Powerful Hardware Parts

The Lonely Hacker APK

Your computer’s hardware also plays a vital role in hacking. Your computer’s performance and speed depend on the hacking process. And the software is also consumed so much storage and some need a bigger RAM & processor. You can buy hard disks to increase the storage capacity. Buy new processors like 7000 MHz, 16 Core, or 7000 MHz, 32 core. It not only increases the CPU speed but also increases the hacking process. Buy up to 128 GB RAM to run bigger & complex hacking software. But to install all these, you also need the best motherboard. 


The Lonely Hacker APK

If you want a break from the hacking, you can play mini-games in it. It has 3 mini-games that are fun to play. First is deciphering in which you have to match 3 of the same pieces to remove the red blocks. The second is hacktris which is a Tetris game that we played a lot. The third is the sequencer. In it, you will see a block of 0 and some numbers will change to 1 and then again to 0. You need to remember the position and sequence of those numbers and tap those numbers in the same sequence to proceed to the next level.

MOD Version

  • When you log into the game, press the play button and continue with the offline play option, you will start with a large amount of money. If you want to play cheat-free, just hit the new game button.

Download The Lonely Hacker

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