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Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends MOD Apk Download 12.0.0 (Unlimited Boosters, Unlocked Slingshot)


Angry Birds Friends Mod APK lets you Play hundreds of challenging levels, use power-ups, and amazing slingshots, and compete.

App Info of Angry Birds Friends

App Name

Angry Birds Friends


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Boosters, Unlocked Slingshot

About Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends is a casual game offered by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. It has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store. Play hundreds of challenging levels, use power-ups, and amazing slingshots, and compete with other players or friends with the awesome groups of angry birds.

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Overview of Angry Birds Friends

Just like the other angry birds’ games, the gameplay of Angry Birds Friends is similar too. Piggies kidnapped the birds and now it’s on the Red to free them. You are gonna help in defeating the piggies. In this game, there are floors and each floor has multiple levels. In the first level, you will only use the Red bird and use the slingshot to shoot him at the piggies.

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK

Aim at the location where your bird will deal more damage or destroy the main obstacle which will disturb the structure’s balance. It will break the structure and also defeat the piggies in the destruction. And you need fewer birds to complete the level in this way.

To complete a level, you need to defeat all the piggies available by using the given number of birds. You can get a maximum of 3 stars in a level. Destroying the structures and piggies give you a score. The number of stars you get in a level depends on this score. Angry Birds Friends also has multiple types of slingshots that you can use to gain many advantages like more damage to certain types of obstacles, high damage on piggies, etc. 


Angry Birds Friends MOD APK

There are six types of power-ups in the AB Friends you can use to take advantage of the difficult levels. Read the following subsections for their details:

Power Potion

Power potion, as the name suggests, increases the power of your birds. It only applies to the current bird in the slingshot. That bird can easily break the stones and will be affected very little by the breakable obstacles.


Kingsling increases the power of your slingshot which results in higher shooting speed and the launched bird will go over long distances. If there is any piggy far away and you can’t reach there, then use this power-up. 

Sling Scope

This power-up helps you in aiming by showing you the trajectory guidelines. Its effect remains for the entire level. Retrying, exiting, and completing the level will end its effect.

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK


Birdquake power-up brings an earthquake. It’s the best power-up if there are unstable structures in the level. 


Boombox is the TNT. You can shoot it just like any other bird. After a bounce, it explodes and deals massive damage to the surrounding areas. You can also tap on the screen when it’s in the air to open a parachute. With the parachute opened, it slowly lands on the ground and will not explode automatically. 


Wingman power-up replaces the current bird with a big red bird. It has so much weight and deals massive damage to the structures. If you want to get a higher score, you can use this power-up.

MOD Version of Angry Birds Friends

[ Player Menu ]
  • Bird Hits Every Structure

Download Angry Birds Friends

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Angry Birds Friends

Unlimited Boosters, Unlocked Slingshot



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