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Beat Fire
Beat Fire

Beat Fire MOD Apk Download 1.3.03 (Unlimited Coins)


Beat Fire MOD APK is a music-beat-based game with abstract graphics and a huge library of songs covering 20+ genres to choose from.

App Info of Beat Fire

App Name

Beat Fire


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Coins

About Beat Fire

Hey there, from here, you can download Beat Fire MOD APK which has unlimited coins. Beat Fire is a music game offered by Adaric Music. It has more than ten million downloads on the play store. Shoot the falling tiles and add gunfire beats into the awesome songs.

Overview of Beat Fire


Beat Fire MOD APK

Beat Fire is a great music game where you will add the beats into the songs. And how will you do that? By firing the guns at the falling tiles. In it, a song will play on the stage and tiles will fall from the top. You have to aim and shoot at those tiles. With each shot, it will mix with the song and create a beat. Keep shooting the tiles and it will become an awesome beat rhythm. There are so many songs and stages. A stage has three levels and with each level, the speed of falling tiles will increase. You will have fun playing this game. 


Beat Fire MOD APK

The controls are so simple in the Beat Fire APK. Even so, it will be so challenging to complete the levels. You have to do only one thing and that is to drag the crosshair left and right. The crosshair can be moved horizontally in a fixed-line. So don’t worry about going it up or down and drag the finger on the screen anywhere. When a tile reaches that fixed-line, move the crosshair to that position to shoot it. There will be tiles with long effects. Keep the crosshair in that position until you break it completely. 

Weapons, Skins & Themes

Beat Fire MOD APK

In Beat Fire VIP, you can choose any of the available 27 weapons, each having unique effects & crosshairs. Use a laser gun, revolver, desert eagle, or phantom. These weapons also have unique powers. With some weapons, you can revive in the expert mode and with some weapons, you will double gold coins. You can change the tiles’ skin too. It has two themes that have amazing cyberpunk effects.

Huge Music Library

It has a huge library of songs. You can find EDM, hip hop, pop, and electronic songs in the Beat Fire Premium. You can manually play any song and start playing the game. Faded by Alan Walker, Virtue by Calli Boom, Goodbye by CryJaxx. There are so many famous songs. 

Game Modes

There are stages and songs in the game. In the stages, you will complete the stage by shooting all the tiles. If you miss a single tile in this mode, you will lose. There are so many stages and each stage has a different song. While in song mode, you can choose any song you want and play it. It has normal, hard, and expert difficulty. You can choose the difficulty level. The speed of falling tiles will increase on higher difficulty levels. You can also play it in endless mode. 


Gold coins are the main resources used in the game. There are many songs that are locked. You can unlock those songs with the gold coins. You can also use gold coins to buy weapons and tiles’ skins. 

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Coins

Download Beat Fire

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Beat Fire


Beat Fire

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47 MB

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