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Captain Tsubasa   Dream Team MOD_result

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team MOD Apk Download 4.0.2 (Unlimited Stamina, Weakened Enemy)


App Info of Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

App Name

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Stamina, Weakened Enemy

About Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Want to try out the best-animated football game? Then we have brought you an amazing game from the series off Captain Tsubasa. We are sharing with you Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team. Basically, this game originated from the comic which is based on the character of Tsubasa. So, now you are getting to play these amazing comic characters within your game.

Besides, Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team game has more than 10 Million downloads on the Google Play Store with the very best ratings and reviews. Also, this game is loved by the various 150 countries around the globe. You can assume this game if you are a bit lover of animations and comics too. Play this fantastic game in your free time from your daily workout routine. Now, let’s see some more information about this game using the overview for this game. Stay tuned.

Overview Of Captain Tsubasa

You will get to play the amazing multiplayer football game with the variations of the animations. You can also build your own team football by using the best characters from this game. As if you know about this Tsubasa series or comics then you can play this game yourself very easily.

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team MOD APK_result
Captain Tsubasa Dream Team MOD APK_result

Use the special skills that really give you the feeling of Captain Tsubasa. Build your own dream team with your loved characters from the series and train them hard to play the various tournaments from around the globe. On the other hand, you will get to see the awesome animations of your chosen characters while they are smashing the goal with their aggressive moves. Besides, there are a lot of features to explore within this game. So, let’s check out those important features of this game one by one.

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team MOD APK 2_result
Captain Tsubasa Dream Team MOD APK 2_result

Original Comic In Story Mode

Explore the original comic story within this game with whole best animations. As you have heard or know about this Tsubasa comic story where the best football game has been played the amazing characters from this comic. Then within this game, you will get the same experience of that comic without any differentiation. You can simply follow the storylines and the various modes from this game just as planned by this game.

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team MOD APK 3_result
Captain Tsubasa Dream Team MOD APK 3_result

Use Special Skills

Use the special skills that captain Tsubasa uses in his story. You can use the skills of the various characters to play this game. You can use the skills like Tsubasa’s drive shot and Hyuga’s Tiger shot just as the same shown in the comics. These amazing animations are reproduced with the best ideas with their specific own characters.

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team MOD APK 4_result
Captain Tsubasa Dream Team MOD APK 4_result

Create & Train Team

On the other hand, for playing this football game on your device then you must need the best characters to play. So, you can simply choose the other comic characters as the players and can start matching with them. Train them on the various skills that you occupied. Play the best level of football with your trained team to get down your opponents with your aggressive victory.

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team MOD APK 5_result
Captain Tsubasa Dream Team MOD APK 5_result


Explore the latest animations while playing this game on your device. Besides, there are the best graphics to enjoy this game on your device. Animations are formed from the original comics and placed very perfectly to enjoy us. These amazing and well-formed animations will let you help to get extreme entertainment from playing this game. Besides, there will be best storylines just like are in comics so that you can also get the best conversations of every single character from this game. We hope that you will love to use this game on your device.

Download Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

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