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Clash of Magic
Clash Of Magic_result

Clash of Magic Apk Download 16.137.6 (Unlimited Resources)


Clash of Magic is a working private server of Clash of Clans with unlimited resources. Also, it has multiplayer battles and clan system!

App Info of Clash of Magic

App Name

Clash of Magic


( 206 )





Requires Android



Unlimited Resources

About Clash of Magic

Clash of Magic which is also known as Magic – CoC is a custom server of Official COC which is developed by third-party developers in 2015 and includes more features than the original game. Including this mod, there are many other custom servers that also include pretty cool features. Download the latest version of Clash of Magic APK & Read all the information below to get to know more about it.

The Clash of Magic has the package name cc.clashofmagic.s1 and its Updated Version is magical. Beautiful healers, awesome wizards, dangerous witches, fire-breathing dragons, and all clash for one thing which is victory, isn’t it magical? It is like the original game but way better than it. Now you will ask how? Cool down, we are here to help you just read more down below to Download Magic – CoC Latest Version.

What’s Unique in Clash of Magic?

clash of magic
Credit: Supercell

It is the same as COC in many ways like training, upgrading, 1v1 attacks, goblin stages but what makes this mod different? Well, Clash of Magic is a custom server that is controlled by a team of third-party developers. It is fast, lag less, and more stable.

It has a very fast server and the best custom server which is currently available right now on the internet. This mod includes so many more features which you find below the article, so make sure you read all of it for not getting missed about any cool stuff.

Clash of Magic Servers

Clash of Magic s1

  1. Modded
  2. Normal Building Count
  3. Newest Version
  4. All Commands Available
  5. Super-Fast Server

Clash of Magic s2

  1. Not Modded
  2. Normal Building Count
  3. New Version
  4. All Commands Available
  5. Fast Server

Clash of Magic s3

  1. Completely Modded
  2. Normal Building Count
  3. New Version
  4. All Commands Available
  5. Lightweight & Fast Server

Clash of Magic s4

  1. Not Modified
  2. Normal Building Count
  3. New Version
  4. All Commands Available
  5. Good Speed Server

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Key Features of Clash of Magic APK

clash of magic
Credit: Supercell

There are four servers in Clash of Magic, and all of them have unique features. Download this mod as it has a lot of features than other COC mods, that’s what makes this private server valuable. The list of features of is below, make sure you read all the features.

  • Upgrade your town hall to Town Hall 15.
  • Hero Pets & Defensive Builder is available in Town Hall 15.
  • All heroes including the Royal Champion can be unlocked.
  • New siege machines can now be unlocked.
  • Town Hall 13 is currently the max level of the town hall.
  • You can play and upgrade your Builder hall to level 10.
  • New levels for heroes, buildings, troops, and spells.
  • All four servers are now updated and working fine.

Unlimited Resources and Gems

It offers its players unlimited gems and resources for fast upgrades, so no pressure of defending and attacking. Attack whenever you feel right. Spend gems where ever you want to! Just enjoy the game without any resource problems.

Very fast and Anti-lag Server

It is a custom server that includes a large database of fast storage, fast internet, and very fast computers. This makes it professional in every situation like server lag, slow gameplay, etc. Get ready to enjoy. Because the developer’s team is always gonna be with you, even in your hardest days of life!

Regular updates

Yes, like COC, “Clash of Magic” is also updated from time to time, whenever there will be a new troop gonna released in the original game, this mod will also gonna release the same update! So don’t ever worry if you think, where is that new troop? It regularly updates within weeks and months. So get yourself ready to enjoy this great game.

Anti-Ban and No Bugs

Clash of Magic has a different server than the original server, it is anti-ban! Plus it has a very fast server which is controlled on very fast computers with fast internet and storage which makes it Anti buggy. NO BUGS, NO HEADACHE!

Upgrade with 1-Elixir or Gold

Yes, you hear right! Clash of Magic APK supports upgrades with one single resource includes hero upgrades, building, troops, spells upgrades, etc. So no worries of looting, no worries of defending, no worries of anything. Max your base in minutes with unlimited resources and gems!

Special Air Sweeper

You have seen an air sweeper of COC, but have you ever seen an air sweeper that works in 360 degrees & all directions? It supports this special air sweeper, so don’t ever worry about defense on air raids. Also, take care of your balloons and dragons while attacking!

Goblin stages and 1v1 battles

Unlike many mods of COC, Clash of Magic which is a private custom server is not originally developed by SUPERCELL, still, has features like single-player goblin stages and multiplayer 1v1 battles! So be ready to enter the Clash world!

Android and iOS Compatibility

The Official Server for Android is not like other mods which don’t include more compatible devices! It supports Android as well as iOS. So don’t worry if you have an iOS device, because Clash of Magic is available for both devices!

Installation guide

Before just exiting, you must read all the information written so that you won’t get any issue regarding the installation and other things. After downloading it, go to> device storage> downloads> APK.

clash of magic

You must enable installation from unknown sources because Clash of Magic requires it. Also, it won’t harm your device! After enabling this option, just touch on the installation, and the installation process will start automatically, it will take just a couple of minutes!

clash of magic

After this, your device is ready to start Clash of Magic MOD.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that you must think about before installing this APK and don’t go anywhere because I will answer them right here!

Can I run my old Clash of Clans account in Clash of Magic?

No! Because it has a different server than the original game, that’s why you can’t run your old COC account on this mod version.

Is Clash of Magic free?

Yes! it is 100% free, unlike COC, you don’t have to buy those costly gems with money because it offers unlimited gems.

This mod is regularly updated?

Yes! It is updated from time to time as mentioned earlier. So don’t worry. Get yourself ready to have an awesome experience with this server.

Can I run it on my apple devices?

Yes! Clash of Magic supports android devices as well as apple devices! So do not worry if you have an apple device, just download the iOS version in the download section and get ready to clash!


Do you like Clash of Magic? If you do, don’t forget to leave a comment! Your opinion is valuable, valuable like unlimited gems! Which are featured in this mod version. If you don’t want to download this APK and just want to enjoy the original COC, then it’s okay! But if you ever feel like using new troops and cool stuff like unlimited resources and max base. Just download the APK for Android right now, It is free and safe.

Download Clash of Magic

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