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Dig Out! Gold Digger Adventure

Dig Out! Gold Digger Adventure MOD Apk Download 2.43.1 (Unlimited Lives, Gems, Golden Shields)


Start your adventure in Dig Out! Gold Digger Adventure MOD APK as a miner and collect rare gems to rebuild the stronghold to its former glory.

App Info of Dig Out! Gold Digger Adventure

App Name

Dig Out! Gold Digger Adventure


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Lives, Gems, Golden Shields

About Dig Out! Gold Digger Adventure

Dig Out is a Gold Digger Adventure game where you have to dig out rare gems & treasures from the underground mines and go as deep as you can go in search of the gems & rebuild your stronghold in this stylized adventure game.

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Overview of Dig Out! Gold Digger Adventure

Dig Out MOD APK (1)
Dig Out MOD APK (1)

Dig Out! Gold Digger Adventure is an action-adventure game offered by Interactive 360. It has more than five million downloads on the Play Store with a 4.3 rating out of 5. Its stylized colorful graphics, 35+ characters, lots of monsters & monster Kings, and a large underground mine full of gems, traps & other dangers make this game very interesting. 

35+ Characters with Unique Abilities

Dig Out MOD APK (2)
Dig Out MOD APK (2)

Your default characters Chuck and Scarlett don’t have any abilities. You can only dig the mines. But, this game has many other characters, more than 35 in total. Each one of them has a special ability that will help you in your digging adventure. There is Frosty who can freeze objects & enemies, Conan who can even lift stones upwards, Jake who is untargetable by cannons, Arthur who can walk on the spikes, Barry whose helmet protects him from falling stones, and many other amazing characters. So, which character will you use to dig out the gems?

Three Types of Boosters

All games have some kind of booster to help the players advance in their adventures if they face any difficulties. This game, too, has three types of boosters to help the players. They give the players special powers to use in a mine digging. These boosters are the magic shield, alchemist bomb & gold pickaxe. To use them, you need to activate them before digging or at any checkpoint. More info on these boosters is as follows.

Dig Out MOD APK (3)
Dig Out MOD APK (3)

Magic Shield – It creates a magical shield around the character and protects him from all kinds of danger once and then freezes all the surrounding objects & traps. Once it is used, you can use it again for free after passing through three checkpoints. 

Alchemist Bomb – It’s an active-type booster and you can trigger it anytime you need it. On activating it, it will turn all the surrounding objects, traps & enemies into gems & energy orbs in 4 tiles radius. It recharges at every checkpoint for free. 

Gold Pickaxe – It increases the durability of the pickaxe and the silver & trophies by 25%. On every checkpoint, it also recovers 25% of pickaxe durability. 

Various Types of Totems

In this game, you will find many types of totems. Some of them contain resources such as silver, coins, or other resources while others are corrupted which will affect the surrounding objects & monsters. Some of the totems are as follows.

Wind Totem – It’s a corrupted totem. It speeds up the monsters in its range while slowing you down. 

Gem Totem – When you drop a gem totem or drop a stone on it, it gives you gems and also deals damage to the monster King. 

Dig Out MOD APK (4)
Dig Out MOD APK (4)

Thunder Totem – A thunder totem has the power of thunder. You can lead a ghost near it and then the totem will kill the ghost. Also, you can drop it or damage it using a stone to recover pickaxe durability.

Fire Totem – Fire totems hold the power of fire and release fire vertically & horizontally up to 3 tiles. 

Silver & Gold Totems – These are two different totems and give you silver & gold respectively when you damage them by using stones or dropping them down. 

MOD Version of Dig Out! Gold Digger Adventure

What are the main problems player face when playing Dig Out? A limited number of boosters, no coins to buy items in the shop, and running out of all lives. These are the main problems. But in this MOD Version of Dig Out, these problems are eliminated.

[ Player Menu ]
  • -> Free Shop (Lives , Shields , Gems , Golden Pixaxes)

Free Shopping: You can buy boosters, coins, character fragments, and lives for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

Where to collect hero fragments?

Explore the mines and find the captured characters. Releasing them will give you hero fragments. Also, you can buy fragments from the game store. 

How to defeat the monster Kings in this game?

You will need to collect lots of gems. You can reach the checkpoint, it will deal a certain amount of damage to the monster King depending on the collected gems. Keep doing it until the King’s HP drop to zero. 

Final Words

Thanks for visiting. Dig Out! Gold Digger Adventure is the best choice if you are looking for an adventure game with stylized graphics. Its 2D maze-like mines will challenge your miner skills. You will need to come up with tactical plays to kill the monsters using the stones, traps & weapons.

Download Dig Out! Gold Digger Adventure

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