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PlenixClash MOD Apk Download 16.0.25 (Unlimited Gems, Resources)


PlenixClash is a COC Private Server with unlimited everything. It has regular updates, all troops, multiplayer support, and great features.

App Info of PlenixClash

App Name



( 197 )




Clash of Clans Private Servers

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Gems, Resources

About PlenixClash

PlenixClash is a private server. It’s like COC however, it has so many more features than it. For example, it has unlimited gems! It is the game which we all wanted to be developed. On the other hand, Official game has gems which are costly and most of us can’t afford them. Read more about it down below to experience this modded version. Also you can download Plenixclash for Android from here.

Before we talk about this modded apk, you must have known about COC. It’s an epic strategy game in which we have to train troops from elixirs, dark elixirs and these troops help us to attack other player’s base to get exciting loot and experience. Meanwhile, we can upgrade our defence which will help us to protect our resources from other players. You will be doing those all the same things but with unlimited resources and some extras that we could dream of only. Read more about the latest version of Plenixclash for Android.

What is PlenixClash?

As you know PlenixClash is a private server, it has four servers which are S1, S2, S3, and S4. These servers have some different features, but all have unlimited gems. So don’t worry if you thinking which server you must download, well we are providing you with the best server of PlenixClash. Like the official game, the mod also has a clan and war feature with which you can start clan wars.

Features of PlenixClash

To explain PlenixClash, I will describe you its features that makes it different than other COC MODS. This mod is way better in terms of stability, quality and performance than the rest of them. Some features are described below:

  • Fast performance
  • Stability
  • Custom mods
  • Compatibility
  • Unlimited resources and gems
  • Safe and no root required
  • Regular updated
  • Clan system
  • 3 days of the war

Fast performance

Plenixclash apk performance

It has a very fast server which is controlled by very powerful multi-computers with terabytes of data stored. This makes PlenixClash very fast in performance and it helps in reduce lag and bugs! As you know, the official game has so much server issue, most the people face a lag issue during attacks which makes it pretty bad. But with this mod, there’s no lag.

Stability and compatibility

Plenixclash apk stability

PlenixClash is stable in terms of lag and server problems because it has a powerful database with a very fast downloading-uploading speed. This makes it better than most of the private servers. Also, it has compatibility. For example, it can be played on Android, Apple and PC! You can enjoy it directly in your computers by installing bluestacks.

Custom MODS

Plenixclash custom mods

Unlike most of the private servers, PlenixClash COC MOD has custom features. For example, it has custom made buildings, troops and heroes! Custom mods make the game pretty great! As you know, we all are tired of the same old building, troops and heroes, that’s why.

Unlimited gems and resources

Plenixclash unlimited gems

Unlike many fake mods of COC, PlenixClash APK has truly unlimited resources like gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems. As a result, it helps us to grow our base more fast and easily. Pretty cool, right? Also, it is 100% free and we can buy shop items freely which makes it decent!

Safe, no root and regularly updated

Plenixclash apk safe

First of all, you must know that most of the third-party apps require rooted devices which are unsafe for our devices. But this mod requires no root and it’s safe. It also has a regular updating system which allows you to get the best of this mod version to download with the latest troops & buildings.

3 day of the war system

Plenixclash war

There are a very few numbers of COC Private servers that supports clan-war because is a special feature in which two clans can attack each other, the normal war is of two days ( preparation and war day) but unlike, PlenixClash have a three days war strategy! So get yourself ready to have an awesome experience with this private server.

Installation steps

The installation steps are very easy, first of all, you have to go to your phone storage and find the folder where your download things appear. Find PlenixClash APK. After that, you must enable installation from unknown sources.

Plenixclash apk installation image

After enabling this, just tap on install and wait for just a couple of minutes or just seconds if you have a good device.

Plenixclash installing img

The installation is finished and now your device is ready to start the PlenixClash Mod. Before you just quit reading, you must read the article for more information regarding this mod. It will help you to understand it so that you won’t face any further problems!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions which of you all must be thinking before installing this new mod. I will make sure you will get these answers clearly! So stay here for them.

Why this mod if I already have Clash of Clans?

Before you download PlenixClash APK for Android, you must know that it is a private server of COC which offers unlimited gems etc. And it has more features. It depends on you if you wish to enjoy the game with unlimited resources and features, then you must go with this mod. Unless you can stay with the original. The choice is all yours!

Is PlenixClash safe?

Yes, PlenixClash MOD is safest among most of the Clash Private servers. Its developers take care of your device that’s why it requires no rooting. You can go with it.

Can I play PlenixClash as well as Official Clash of Clans on the same device?

Of course, you can download & play both of them without uninstalling any of them. Because both have different servers. So the installer won’t ask you to uninstall any of them. Enjoy both of them.

Can I play this mod on my PC?

You can play PlenixClash on PC as well with external software like Bluestacks & Remix OS etc.


So what do you think about PlenixClash? Having unlimited gems, resources, custom mods, Clan feature, Anti-ban, bug-free, 100% free, very fast server and much more! What have you decided? You can download it easily from our website and we are regularly updating our APKs from time to time. So no need to worry about Plenixclash APK Latest Version and as well as other mods. We have got you covered. Have a nice day! Cheers!

Download PlenixClash

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