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Dream League Soccer MOD Apk Download 11.070 (Mega Menu, Unlocked)


Dream League Soccer MOD APK lets you enjoy real football on mobiles. You can play exciting matches with all the players and modes.

App Info of Dream League Soccer

App Name

Dream League Soccer


( 104 )





Requires Android



Mega Menu, Unlocked

About Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer 2024 MOD APK is a sports game offered by First Touch Games Ltd. It has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store. Recruit the best players, train them & improve their stats to make them more impressive, play soccer against many teams, climb up in the global leaderboard and make your team the best team all around the world.

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Description of Dream League Soccer


It’s an amazing soccer sports game that lets you create your own soccer team. In it, you will start as an amateur and build your team of amateur players. You will play matches against other teams to rise through the divisions and make it the best team ever. There are over 4000 licensed players from FIFPro. You can recruit them to your team and sign contracts with them.

In the match, you can do all the moves like running, shooting, tackling, passing, etc. Score more goals than the opponent to win the match. As you use a player in the match, he will lose his energy over time. As his energy decreases, his speed decreases as well. The energy of all players recovers based on their stats after the match.

You will get coins & SP on winning the match. SP is required to make progress in the season pass. On reaching the level in the season pass, you get amazing rewards such as coins, diamonds, boosts, etc. You can use coins to boost your players and upgrade the stadium & facilities.

Easy Controls But Hard To Master


The controls are not so hard to understand. You can easily get all the controls. But mastering them will be a real challenge. On the left side, it has an analog stick. Drag it to move your character. You will see a blue icon on your character. On the bottom right side, there will be three buttons – A, B & C. The functions of these buttons are different that depends on whether you the ball or not. You can perform a skill shot by double-tapping the screen and a skill move by swiping in the desired direction on the right side of the screen.

The function of A, B & C Buttons


When you have the ball: the B button is for passing the ball to another teammate, low kick shots, and shooting the ball in the lower area of the net for the goal. A button is for hard kick shots, passing the balls over a long distance, or shooting in the air. The C button is for passes and cross shots. Pressing and holding these buttons will also increase the kicking power.

When you don’t have the ball: A button is for the slide tackle. The b button is to apply pressure on the opponent to take back the ball. The C button is to change your active player. You can also press the C button to make the goalkeeper run toward the ball.

Manage Your Team


In this game, you will manage everything about your team. Choose your formation such as 4-4-2, 4-1-2-1-2, 4-3-1-2, 5-2-1-2, etc. Place the players based on their roles & stats. You can hire physios that recover your team players’ energy. When you hire legendary physios, they can also heal the active injuries of the players. You can also appoint coaches to train them & increase their stats permanently.

There are three types of coaching – technical, fitness & goalkeeping. In technical coaching, players’ ball control (CON), Distribution (PAS), Shooting (SHO), and Tackling (TAC), these stats are improved. In fitness coaching, Strength (STR), Stamina (STA), Speed (SPE), and Acceleration (ACC) stats are improved. And last, In goalkeeping coaching, Shot Stopping (GKR) & Handling (GKH) stats are improved. You have to appoint different coaches for all these coaching types.

Upgrade Your Stadium & Facilities


You also have a stadium and other facilities such as a medical center, accommodation, commercial center, training center, and recruitment center. You can upgrade your stadium using the coins to increase its capacity. Depending on the capacity, the new division unlocks for you to play matches in. Also, you will get coins after every match played in your stadium.

Upgrading the commercial center gives you a discount on kits & logo and increase your match-winning rewards. On upgrading the recruitment center, you get a discount on scouting & agent prices. Upgrading the medical center decreases the chance of player injury and also gives you a discount on physio. You can upgrade accommodation to increase the maximum squad size. And upgrade your training center to unlock new formations, get a coach discount and increase the form boost effect.

Game Modes


Career is an offline mode. In this mode, you will create your team, train them, recruit new players and play against the predetermined AI teams. You have to win the matches to proceed to the higher division. There are 8 divisions in this mode. With each victory and division, you will face difficult opponents. 

Dream League Live:


It’s an online mode. In this mode, you have to set up your defensive lineup formation. When you search for a match, you will be matched against a real player. You will play against his defensive lineup and he will play against your defensive lineup formation. You have to score goals more than him to win the match. On winning the match, you will earn trophies and will be placed in a league. Earn more trophies and climb up high in the league & the global leaderboard. When the season ends, you will get amazing rewards depending on your ranking in the league.


Exhibition mode is also an offline mode. In this mode, you can choose your AI opponent team for a friendly match. You will not gain or lose trophies on winning or losing in the matches. It’s good more for practice.

Local Match:

You can play with your friend by connecting your device with his Wi-Fi. There’s no need for the internet in this mode to play with him.

Friend Match:

If you want to play with your friend and he is not near you, you can create a lobby and share its code with your friend. Then he can use this code to enter the lobby. It will require the internet to connect both of you.


Is Dream League Soccer 2024 APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. None of your entered data is shared with any party. It is completely safe to use.

Can I play a match with my friend offline?

Yes. You can play with your friend offline by connecting your devices via Wi-Fi & hotspot. You don’t need the internet for it.  

What is the clear goal feature and how does it work?

When an opponent scores a goal against you, you can clear it using this feature. To clear the goal, shoot the ball in your own goal. Simple.

What’s the use of upgrading the stadium?

Upgrading the stadium to a certain capacity unlocks new divisions and increases the reward you get when a match is played in your stadium.

Final Words

Dream League Soccer 2024 [DLS 24] is an amazing soccer game with lots of amazing features. Players can easily advance to higher divisions in the career mode. They don’t have to swap the players as it has unlimited stamina. They can also customize & create their own kit & logo. And there are even more features. Isn’t that amazing? So, Have a nice day, and thanks for reading this post.

MOD Version of Dream League Soccer 2024

1. Stupid rivals
2. Stupid rivals v2
3. Freeze players
4. Freeze time
5. Unlimited energy
6. Unlimited substitution
7. No injuries
8. The opponent does not score goals
9. Unlock custom kits/logos
10. Unlock kits/logos/coach customizations

Note: Account can be banned for using the mod, so don’t use your main account please!

Mega Menu:

It includes so many amazing features that you will love for sure. The first of them is the dumb AI. With this feature, all the opponents will run stupidly. They will not try to take possession of the ball or score a goal. You can easily win the match with it in the career mode and rank up your division. Enable the unlimited stamina feature, then your players’ energy will not deplete ever. There’s a feature named 15 goals, when you activate it and score a goal, it will add 15 goals to the score.

Download Dream League Soccer

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