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Drift Max Pro
Drift Max Pro Car Drifting Game With Racing Cars Mod

Drift Max Pro MOD Apk Download 2.5.50 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)


Drift Max Pro MOD APK is a car racing game that has hundreds of challenges, multiple game modes, 100+ unique cars, and car tuning mechanism.

App Info of Drift Max Pro

App Name

Drift Max Pro


( 20 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money, Unlocked

About Drift Max Pro

Drift Max Pro is a car racing game offered by Tiramisu. It has more than fifty million downloads on the play store. Race with your friends or players from around the world and drift around the corners in amazing tracks. It features 100+ challenging levels, 6 race types, 4 game modes, hyper cars, a tuning system, and much more.

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Overview of Drift Max Pro

Drift Max Pro MOD APK

Drift Max Pro is a car drifting game. You will drive the car and drift on the tracks to complete various tasks to complete the levels. In races, you will get the drift score when you drift. During drifting, you can see a score bar with a multiplier on the top middle. The multiplier will increase when you keep drifting over long distances. You will get more scores when drifting closer to the edges of the track. Your drifting score continues as long as the score bar doesn’t go empty. There are many cars you can play with. In the garage, you can modify and upgrade your cars. 

Race Types

Drift Max Pro MOD APK

There are many types of races in the Drift Max Pro you will take part in your journey. 

Classic – It’s the basic type of race where you have to pass the finish line in the given time. You can also drift. If you don’t finish the race in time, your score & reward will decrease over time. 

Free Ride – In it, you can drive as you like. There will be no time limit or finish line. You can perform stunts and drift. It’s like an endless mode. 

Capture The Flag – There will be flags on the track. You have to go through it to capture it. The next flag will not appear until you capture the current flag. There is a time to capture the flag. You will lose the race if you fail to capture it in the given time. 

Drift Max Pro MOD APK

Slalom – It’s similar to the “capture the flag” type. There are only two differences and that is even if you miss any flag, the next flag will be available. And you have to cross the flag from the required direction. 

Cone Smash – In the cone smash races, there will be cones on the track. You can smash these cones to increase your drift score multiplier. If the score bar hits zero, the multiplier will reset. Reach the finish line to complete the race. 

Perfect Drift – The hardest type of race. In it, you have to drift from the start to the end of the race to win. If you lose your drifting even for a second, you will lose.

Game Modes

There are four types of game modes which are as follows:

Drift Max Pro MOD APK


In the career mode, you will start your journey to begin the pro in drift races. It has 10 seasons and each season includes 10 races. Each race has different tasks, track & type. You will get big rewards for completing any season with full stars. 

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Quick Play

In this mode, you can select any track and race type of your choice. You need tire resources to start a race in this mode. It also has rewards for completing the race except for a free ride. 

Drift Max Pro MOD APK


The event is a time-limited mode and ends in 15 days. Each day, 3 new races are unlocked. You need tires to start the race. On completing all 15-day races, you will get the event car. 

Multiplayer Mode

Drift Max Pro MOD APK

In this mode, you will compete against the real players. There are two types of challenges you can start: Race and Drift. Reach the finish line before the opponent in a race and score more drift scores in drift to win. On winning 5 races, you will earn great rewards.

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MOD Version of Drift Max Pro

The MOD version of Drift Max Pro comes with the following features:

  • All vehicles unlocked;
  • You can shop even if you don’t have enough money;
  • Money increases when spent;
  • Tires without restrictions purchased;
  • Quick upgrade of the season pass.

Free Shopping – You can buy anything from the shop for free.

All Cars Unlocked – All the cars are unlocked in this game from the start. You can use any car you like.

Unlimited Money & Gold – You are also getting unlimited money and gold in it that will help you to customize your cars as you see fit without worrying about the cost.

Download Drift Max Pro

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