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Family Farm Adventure
Family Farm Adventure Mod

Family Farm Adventure Apk Download 1.23.101 (Latest)


Family Farm Adventure MOD APK is a simulation game featuring 22 amazing islands, many types of of crops, animals, and machineries.

App Info of Family Farm Adventure

App Name

Family Farm Adventure


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up



About Family Farm Adventure

Family Farm Adventure is a simulation game offered by Century Games Pte. Ltd. It has more than a million downloads on the Play Store. Restore the buildings, shops & centerpieces in your home village, explore 22 amazing islands, grow varieties of crops, and raise animals. 

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Overview of Family Farm Adventure

Family Farm Adventure MOD APK

In the Family Farm Adventure, you return to your home island to celebrate the Flower Festival. But the earthquake destroys everything. Now the whole island is a complete mess. You will restore all the buildings & centerpieces that are required to celebrate the Flower Festival. Remove the obstacles like stones, woods, fallen trees, etc., repair the broken buildings & build the new buildings. All these tasks require energy. If your energy drops to 0, then you have to wait. Your energy recharges over time.

Family Farm Adventure MOD APK

You will also grow crops in the fields and raise animals in the Family Farm. Deliver the orders placed by the villagers. You will earn gold & XP. You will also get XP for every task you do. Leveling up unlocks new buildings in the shop. If you don’t know what to do next, tap the quest button at the bottom left side of the screen and complete those quests to follow the story of the game. 

Many Types of Buildings

Family Farm Adventure MOD APK

There are many types of buildings. Many are destroyed and many are available in the shop to buy. Each building has its purpose. Some buildings are complete in one step only while others take multiple steps to be completed. You need resources like wood, stone, branches, grass, boards, etc. to build the buildings. Available buildings are a juice bar, dairy shop, smithy, flower shop, kitchen, bee house, chicken coop, fire pit, cauldron, workshop, etc. When producing anything in some buildings, they get overheated and take time to cool down. You can use ice cubes to cool down these types of buildings instantly. And to work in other buildings like feed mills, weaver’s workshops, woodshops, etc., you need workers. Build huts & cabins to increase the number of workers. 

4 Lovely Companions

Family Farm Adventure MOD APK

It includes 4 companions: Hank, Giant Bird, Sika Deer & Baby Mammoth. You will find them on different islands, Hank on the home island, Giant Bird on the Lycan Mountain, Sika Deer on Parched Forest, and Baby Mammoth on Frozen Forest. Also, you have to collect certain items to make them follow you. You can take any companion with you on your adventures. It will help you from time to time. Hank & Baby Mammoth gives you free energy. Giant Bird finds gold coins and gives it to you. Sika Deer reduces the hitpoints of the obstacles. 

Download Family Farm Adventure

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