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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
harry potter hogwarts mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery MOD Apk Download 5.4.0 (Mega Menu, Unlimited Energy)


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK is an adventure game where you will learn magic & potions, fight enemies, and become the best wizard.

App Info of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

App Name

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery


( 5 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Mega Menu, Unlimited Energy

About Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an adventure game offered by Jam City, Inc. It has more than fifty million downloads on the Play Store. Start your adventure in Hogwarts, learn new magic, and potions, fight against your opponents, find your brother, and become the best wizard.

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Overview of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK

This story is not about Harry Potter. It’s your story. Your brother was a great wizard at Hogwarts and was known by everyone. But he started finding the Cursed Vaults which was prohibited. For this, he was expelled from Hogwarts. He also ran away from the home. No one knows where he is now. One day, you get a letter from Hogwarts and are selected to take admission there and become a wizard. From here on, you will study at Hogwarts to become the greatest wizard and find your brother. 


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK

In Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, you join Hogwarts to become a wizard. You will go through the story in it. You will see an exclamation mark “!” on the person or doors related to the story. Tap on the mark to interact with them. While talking to them, you will get multiple choices. You can choose anyone and respond to them according to the situation. Based on your choice, you will get attribute points. It will also decide your relationship status with them. And during a lesson, you will see some items and students glowing. Tap on them for various actions like watching, observing, listening, or collecting items. These actions require energy. Your energy refills automatically over a certain period of time. 


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK

You have three attributes: Courage, Empathy & Knowledge. When you make a choice, you get attribute points for any of these attributes. Attribute points are required to increase your attribute level. Some choices require a certain level of the attribute. If your level is low, then you can’t make that choice. You can get attribute points by buying clothes and pets.

In the shop, it shows the type and amount of attribute points you will get on buying any clothes. You will get knowledge attribute points for performing well and giving the right answers in class. Help your friends to get empathy attribute points. And take the right actions against the wrong person to earn the courage attribute points. 

Charms & Potions

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK

You will learn many types of potions and charms. You can use the potions and charms in the duals. To perform any charm, you have to draw figures with your finger. Each charm has different figures. When you learn any charm for the first time, you will get rewards too. 

MOD Version of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

The MOD version of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery has the following features.

MOD 1 Info:

  • Unlimited Energy (Buy Energy Free!)

MOD 2 Info:

  • MOD Menu:
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Instant Actions
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Coins
  • No Countrylock
  • No Cheat Detection

Unlimited Gems & Energy – You can buy anything from the shop and customize your character as you like.

Download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

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harry potter hogwarts mystery


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