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Hay Day
Hay Day Mod

Hay Day Apk Download 1.60.231 (Latest)


Hay Day Mod APK is a farming game where you can buy production buildings for your animals, to provide them enough food from time to time!

App Info of Hay Day

App Name

Hay Day


( 138 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up



About Hay Day

Hay Day is a farming game developed by Supercell. It has 100 million+ downloads on mobile devices. It’s one of the best farm games I ever played. It’s free to play but if you wish to use gems, you need to buy them. Ever dreamed of running a farm? Taking responsivities? Hay Day is for you. Grow your farm, take care of animals & birds, feed them, collect resources, keep harvesting, complete orders, and so much more you can do here. Lots of animals & bird categories such as donkeys, horses, bunnies, kittens, puppies, sheep, cows, pigs, hens, etc. The mod is currently in development, so you may face issues, but we hope not. Just try this mod and have an experience of a top-quality farm.

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Features of Hay Day

  • Grow Crops, Add fields
  • Make animal homes such as Chicken Coops, Cow Pastures, Pig Pens, etc.
  • Buy production buildings for your animals, to provide them with enough food from time to time
  • Available Bakery, Feed Mill, Dairy, Sugar Mill, Popcorn Pot, BBQ Grill, etc.
  • Buy Animals including Chicken, Cow, Pig, etc.
  • Feed Animals and let them produce food, items
  • Decorate your farm with beautiful things including statues, bicycles, etc.
  • Plant trees & bushes on your farm
  • Make deliveries and complete orders to earn experience and coins
  • Check the daily newspaper for the advertisement for various crops & items
  • Send gifts to your friends with the help of a postman
  • Hire someone with diamonds for finding you crops & items
  • Repair docks to attract boats and complete shipments
  • Repair your farm and remove obstacles such as trees & rocks
  • Increase your storage of Silo and Barn to increase the capacity of crops & items
  • Help nearby neighbors and sell them goods
  • Join the Neighborhoods and play with friends
  • Help friends in need
  • Increase trophies to win seasonal prizes
  • Search for neighborhoods
  • Add friends to your friend list
  • Help friends & follow people
  • Search for friends in the friend book
  • Accept friend request
  • Chat in your neighborhood

Overview of Hay Day

Hay day mod apk

The Hay Day game starts when you get a letter from your uncle who has retired from his farm. Now your journey starts. Mr. Wicker will help you in starting a new farm. Harvesting crops is never been so easy. Pick up the sickle and harvest crops. Seed your crops and it will take time. Paint the buildings and upgrade them. In this game, players can invite their friends to the party. Buy birds and animals, and feed them. For example, chickens will produce eggs and it will take some time. You can speed up your animals & birds as well. Collect resources and level up your performance.

Grow and Customize Your Farm

Hay day mod apk

Remember happy animals make a happy farm, not hungry ones. Buy a feed mill that produces animal feed. Level up your progress and unlock new features, buildings, animals, etc. in this game. Buy more fields to grow more crops. Sell items to visitors and let the business grow. Keep harvesting and feeding animals.

Build Your Town

Hay day mod apk

Build production buildings such as Bakery, Feed Mills, Dairy, Sugar Mills, Popcorn Pot, Sewing Machine, and Cake Oven, and there are so many more on this Hay Day. Buildings will take time to build. Players can use diamonds to finish the construction as well. Buy tools from Greg, a neighbor of yours. Visit his farm and buy tools, animals, seeds, and so much more. Remove trees and obstacles to expand your farm. But remember, you will need tools for that. Increase your storage and collect more items.

Complete Orders and Earn Rewards

Hay day mod apk

Players can complete orders, the delivery truck takes the orders. Check the order board to know which orders are needed and check the reward as well. Select orders and complete them. Keep delivering orders to collect coins because, with coins, you can buy fields, buildings, animals, birds, etc.

Connect with Friends

Players can connect to Facebook and Supercell ID to play with their friends. Visit their farms, and chat with them. Also, they can find friends which helped them recently. Just tap on the button, install it and play with your friends.

Best farming mobile game

Hay Day is fun to play, it’s very addictive and best suited for children. It tells them how to love animals, and feed them. Even on low-end Android devices, users can easily play it easily. Connect with friends, chat, visit their farms, and earn special rewards. Supercell did a great job making this game.

Download Hay Day

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