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Homescapes MOD APK

Homescapes MOD Apk Download 6.9.1 (Unlimited Stars)


Play Homescapes MOD APK to help Austin renovate his mansion by solving puzzle levels and impress his parents for not to sell the mansion.

App Info of Homescapes

App Name



( 4 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Stars

About Homescapes

Homescapes is a casual game offered by Playrix. It has more than a hundred million downloads on the play store. Help Austin renovate his mansion by solving the 3-match puzzle and impress his parents so that they don’t sell the mansion.

Overview of Homescapes

Homescapes MOD APK

Austin just returned to his childhood house to enjoy all the childhood memories with you. His mom & dad live at the house. But they are gonna sell the mansion because they can’t take care of this big mansion by themself in old age. And the mansion is also in bad condition and needs repairs. You will help Austin to renovate and decorate the mansion and try to change the idea of selling it. So, play the Homescapes MOD APK Unlimited Stars 2022 now and help her renovate her mansion.


Homescapes MOD APK

In the Homescapes APK, you need to pass puzzle levels by matching 3 same pieces and complete the tasks like changing the furniture, buying a new carpet, bed, fixing the floor, and all the rooms in the mansion to make it new again. Renovate a complete room to unlock more new rooms like kitchen, hall, orangery, garage, boathouse, etc. You can choose between 3 available designs for every part. You will experience the daily life of Austin with his parents chatting & helping.

Boosters & Combinations

Homescapes MOD APK

There are many boosters & combinations you can use in the levels to speed up the process and save moves in the Homescapes hack apk. If you have played match-3 puzzle games before, then you can easily handle the combinations. Match 4 same pieces to create a rocket. Make the L or T shape with 5 matching pieces to create a bomb. The bomb explodes and destroys all the pieces in 5×5 square.

Matching 4 pieces in a cube creates a plane. It destroys one adjacent piece on each side and then destroys a random piece. Matching 5 pieces in a row or column creates a rainbow piece. Swap it with the adjacent piece to destroy all the matching pieces on the board. Rocket, bomb, the plane piece can be used on its own block by double-tapping it or swap it to use in the next block.

Tablet & To-Do List

Homescapes MOD APK

In Homescapes hack MOD APK, Austin has a tablet in which he saves all the things he needs to do on his To-Do list. You can access the tablet from the bottom left corner and see the objective like decorating the room, buying new furniture, etc. To complete an objective, you need a star. Some objectives also have 2 or more parts and require the same number of stars as the parts. For stars, complete the puzzle levels. With each successful level, you will get one star.


Homescapes MOD APK

You can also play and complete mini-games to get extra stars. In the mini-game, you need to remove the right rod to open the passage and achieve the objective. You can also skip the mini-game levels.


Homescapes MOD APK

Lives, Stars & coins are the resources in the Homescapes MOD APK Latest Version. With the coins, you can buy boosters and extra moves. Stars are used to complete the objectives given in the to-do list. Complete the levels in puzzles to get the stars. Lives are just as important as stars. If you lose at any level, you will lose one life. You can have a maximum of 5 lives. If you lose all the lives, you can’t start the level and get any stars. You can join a team or connect to FB to ask for lives from your friends.

MOD Features

Unlimited Stars: Buy Power-ups, boosters, and lives.

Download Homescapes

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