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Honkai Impact 3

Honkai Impact 3 MOD Apk Download 6.5.0 (Menu, Bonus Reward, Attack Speed)


App Info of Honkai Impact 3

App Name

Honkai Impact 3


( 3 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu, Bonus Reward, Attack Speed

About Honkai Impact 3

Hey there, from here, you can download Honkai Impact 3 MOD APK which has no skill CD and other mod features. Honkai Impact 3 is a role-playing game offered by miHoYo Limited (the same developer of Genshin Impact). Both these games are amazing in graphics and you will lot of fun. Check below for more details.

Overview of Honkai Impact 3

Honkai Impact 3 mod apk

Welcome to Hyperion, you are the captain in this game. It’s a huge open-world game and full of action. From the menu, you can access story missions, equipment, valkyries, supply, mailbox, bonuses, and the world chat. There are starter events to win rewards once you reached a specific level. You can claim daily rewards too while doing daily sign-in.


Honkai Impact 3 mod apk

The gameplay is amazing here, just as you expect from miHoYo Limited. Prepare for battle, choose your team, and start. Use combos and defeat enemies. The faster you finish, you will get some extra rewards. When clearing a stage under 180 seconds, you get extra 5 crystals. Once all the stages are cleared, the level completes, after you get rewards including coins, items, enhancement cube, new valkyries, etc. Also, your capacity to hold bonus stamina and max stamina increase too and your valkyries levels also. In the story, you will find lots of missions to complete, completing stages will also give you rewards including coins, characters, materials, and many more.


Honkai Impact 3 mod apk

There are so many playable characters in Honkai Impact 3. All of them have unique skills and types. There are Mecha, Biologic, Psychic, Awakened Psy-type, Bio-type, etc. These types are used when defeating a certain type of enemy. There are different categories of enemies too, some are easy to kill with Mecha-type valkyrie while some are hard for them, so you will need to learn which enemy is good for which valkyrie. In this game, you can change your valkyries and defeat enemies. We can also upgrade them, but to level up them, we will need materials. Upgrading them will increase their basic attributes including health point, attack, critical hit, defense, etc.

Weapons, Skills & Combos

Honkai Impact 3 mod apk

All Valkyries have unique skills and combos. Use them on the battlefield to gain more rewards and defeating enemies easily. Also, there are hundreds of unique weapons, you can carry with your valkyries in Honkai Impact 3. Completing levels and progressing in the game will unlock weapons and other important items.


Honkai Impact 3 mod apk

There are so many achievements in this game that will help you to gain coins and crystals, after completing them. Like, when unlocking a certain number of characters, you will complete an achievement. So, you will be completing achievements with progressing in the story. Also, there are some categories of them as well such as Social, Captain, Skill, Growth, etc.


Honkai Impact 3 mod apk

In Honkai Impact 3, the best thing can be its fast-paced action gameplay with beautiful graphics. To play this game at high frame rates, you will need a good gaming device, unless it will lag. Also, you can customize graphics settings. You can turn off various quality factors such as anti-aliasing, distortion, HD graphics, FPS, and other settings.


Honkai Impact 3 mod apk

In Honkai Impact 3, you can get the paid subscription where you will find two subscription contents. The first is “Adventure Commander” where you get daily stamina potions, asterite, mithril, and extra experience. The second is “Valkyrie Guild” where you get valkyrie fragvyom daily, battlesuit fragments, supply crates, and many more features.

MOD Features

1. Always Full Star (After Finishing Stage)
2. Monster AI (Dumb Monsters)
3. Attack Speed 2x
4. SP Efficiency 2x

Note: Use AI as little as possible, it is slightly dangerous.

Download Honkai Impact 3

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