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Hooked Inc: Fishing Games
Hooked Inc Mod_result

Hooked Inc: Fishing Games MOD Apk Download 2.30.1 (Unlimited Money)


Hooked Inc MOD APK is a simulation game where you can catch 70+ types of fish, upgrade boats, hire crewmates, and build your fishing empire.

App Info of Hooked Inc: Fishing Games

App Name

Hooked Inc: Fishing Games


( 3 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Hooked Inc: Fishing Games

Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon is a simulation game offered by Lion Studios. It has more than ten million downloads on the play store. If you wanna go to the sea for fishing and catch all types of fish, then it’s the best game.

Overview of Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon

Hooked Inc Fishing Tycoon MOD APK

You will start as a small fisherman with a small boat with no gears and crew in the outer sea where you find only small fishes. Catch as many fishes as you can to earn the money and fishing experience. Upgrade your boat, increase the equipment levels, recruit new crew members to increase the fish values and chances of catching bigger fishes. Go deeper into the sea to catch bigger fishes. Your earning bonus depends on your stars and fishing experience (Earning Bonus = Stars * Fishing Exp.). You can also return to the shallow coast, the starting of the game. It reset your boat levels and you will lose all the money. But your fishing experience, crew, and items will remain the same. This way you will get more money even for small fishes and the chance to catch epic fishes increases.


Hooked Inc Fishing Tycoon MOD APK

Hooked Inc is a very simple game. All you need to do is swipe on the screen where fishes are to catch them. You can also keep swiping to catch more fishes quickly. It’s good when a fish school comes. You can catch many fishes by swiping on them continuously. But epic fishes are hard to catch. As your hook & rod is not so high level to catch them with only some swipes. They have a very long bar and you need to swipe as long as that bar hits zero and you have the time until that fish crosses your device’s screen.

Sea & Fishes

Hooked Inc Fishing Tycoon MOD APK

In it, the sea is divided into many parts starting from the shallow coast to many deeper parts like paradise bay, big sea, etc. The deeper into the sea you go, the bigger and rare fishes you can catch. Fish value also increases. There are many types of fishes divided into 3 categories: common, rare, and epic. Your stars are equal to the number of types of fishes you catch.

Boat & Crew

Hooked Inc Fishing Tycoon MOD APK

Upgrading the boat is the necessary step. It increases many stats like fish values, fish per second, number of fishes in school, idle income, chances for better fish, etc. You can recruit crew members that also increase many stats drastically. There are many members you can recruit and each has unique skills to increase the fishing stats.


Gems, Money, and perk points are the main resources in the game. Gems are used to buy boosts and item boxes from the shop. To recruit & upgrade crew members, items’ upgrades, and resetting the perks, gems are needed. The boxes you find on the sea also need gems to open. With the money, you can upgrade the boat tier and its sub-upgrades like a rod, fish value, night shift, hooks, etc. Perk points are used to unlock and upgrade the perks.

Download Hooked Inc: Fishing Games

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