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Hungry Shark World
Hungry Shark World Mod

Hungry Shark World MOD Apk Download 5.5.6 (God Mode, Unlimited Money)


Play Hungry Shark World MOD APK with 40 species of sharks and survive in a huge open ocean by eating other fishes, birds & humans.

App Info of Hungry Shark World

App Name

Hungry Shark World


( 7 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


God Mode, Unlimited Money

About Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World is an arcade game offered by Ubisoft Entertainment. It has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store. It’s the next sequel of the Hungry Shark Evolution game with more and bigger sharks. 

Overview of Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World mod


In Hungry Shark World, you play as a shark. You need to eat other fish, birds, and humans to survive. If you don’t eat, then your shark will be hungry and the HP drops continually. If the HP reaches 0, you will die. Drag your finger on the screen to control the shark’s movement and tap the other side of the screen to boost. Boost increases the swimming speed of your shark. Boost refills over time. Complete the missions to earn rewards.

Hungry Shark World mod


There are 8 types of sharks depending on the size in the Hungry Shark World. Each type includes 4 different sharks. You can play as any of the 33 sharks. The larger the size of your shark, the bigger the fishes you can eat. Xs sized sharks can’t eat jellyfish. You need S-sized sharks to eat them. In the same way, you need XXL sharks to eat a big whale. To take down the bigger targets, you need bigger sharks too.

Hungry Shark World mod

Skins & Outfits

You can use skins to completely change the look of your sharks. There are so many amazing skins. Many outfits are also included in this game like an apron, robe, aircraft wings, jacket, headphones, necklace, etc. Eat your dinner in a fashionable way.

Hungry Shark World mod


There are many pets in Hungry Shark World that you can take with you on your food journey. Each pet has unique abilities. Like Super Steve recharges your boost 25% faster, Trevor detonates mines and protects you, Kraken can eat jellyfish and other pets also have their unique abilities. The number of pets you can take with you depends on your shark type. You can take 1 pet with XS & S sharks, 2 pets with M, L & XL sharks, and 3 pets with XXL sharks.

Hungry Shark World mod


Use the power-ups to get a great bonus. 14 power-ups are available in it. You can use up to 3 power-ups. Food bonus recovers 25% more health when you eat anything. Use Giant Pets to increase your pet’s size and grant them the power to eat almost anything. With the Mega Rush power-up, you will get a gold rush when starting the game. Play the game to see what other power-ups can do.

Hungry Shark World mod


Make your shark even more dangerous and badder in the Hungry Shark World with the gadgets. You get 4 gadgets that you can equip with the shark. Force Field 5.0, Laser 4.0, Recycler Cannon 3.0, Jetpack 4.0. Force field protects you against bullets and mines. It has 1000 HP so killing you is not that easy now. Use the Jetpack to fly in the sky with your shark and laser to stun the bigger sharks.

Hungry Shark World mod


Gems and Coins are the main resources in the game. Gems are used to buy new sharks, pets, skins, outfits, and gadgets. You can also use gems to revive your shark and start playing again without resetting the score. Gold is used to upgrade your shark’s stats. Upgrading the shark’s speed, bite and boost is important to survive longer.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamond
  • Unlimited Pears
  • Unlimited Boost
  • Unlimited Gold Rush
  • Unlimited Mega Rush
  • Magnet Activated
  • Free Shop
  • One Hit Kill
  • Godmode
  • Ghost Mode
  • High Rewards

Download Hungry Shark World

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