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ibis Paint X
Ibis Paint X Mod

ibis Paint X MOD Apk Download 11.2.1 (Prime Membership Unlocked)


Ibis Paint X MOD APK is an art & design that grants you access to advanced drawing tools to show your skills in drawing.

App Info of ibis Paint X

App Name

ibis Paint X


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Prime Membership Unlocked

About ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint is an art & design app offered by ibis inc. It has more than fifty million downloads on the play store. You are getting access to amazing advanced drawing tools. You can use them to show your skills in drawing.

Overview of ibis Paint X

ibis Paint X MOD APK

ibis Paint X is a drawing app that provides all the tools for drawing like brushes, rules, filters, fonts, and materials. It comes with so many advanced features that let you draw anything. Use more than 2500 materials, 800 fonts, 71 filters, 381 brush types, lasso, and use as many layers as you want. It is based on OpenGL technology for a smooth drawing experience. It has a stabilizer option that smoothens your drawing lines so they don’t draw like some zig-zag. With its SNS functionality, you can watch other users’ drawings and learn how they draw them. 


ibis Paint X MOD APK

The interface of the app is user-friendly. On the homescreen, it has 3 options- My Gallery, Collection & Online Gallery in the middle of the screen. In the gallery tab, it saves all your saved & unsaved drawing files. You can start a new drawing or watch any existing file. You can also re-edit them. The Collection tab, stores all the artworks you downloaded from the online gallery.

The drawing interface is also easy. You can select the size of the canvas when starting to draw new art. Pinch the canvas to zoom in or out and rotate in any direction. On the bottom, it shows tools. In the left corner, it has a button to switch between the eraser and the selected tool. Next to it, you can select any tool from the list. On the top left corner, it has buttons for undo & redo. You can also use gestures to undo & redo. 


ibis Paint X MOD APK

It has 381 types of brushes. Use a dip pen, felt tip pen (soft & hard), digital pen, 7 types of airbrush, rough layout pen, ruling pen, water-based ballpoint pen, 12 types of pencils, markers, gouache, and many, many more choices. You can adjust the thickness and opacity of each brush and also see their real-time preview. These brushes are GPU accelerated. 


ibis Paint X MOD APK

There are many rules you can use to draw sharp & smooth lines. Use the straight rules to draw a completely straight line. It shows red lines on the canvas. You can change the direction of these red lines by dragging the small circles of the ruler. Whenever you draw any line, it will be parallel to the nearest red line. There are circular rulers to draw a circle, elliptical rulers for the eclipse, and radial rulers to draw straight lines in any direction. There are also five symmetry rulers in the ibis Paint X: Mirror, kaleidoscope, rotation, array, and perspective array ruler. 


ibis Paint X MOD APK

Here, you can add as many layers as you want to the canvas. You can edit each layer individually without affecting any other layers. You can also hide other layers if you wanna focus on the current layer and show them when you need to draw something above them & need to see them too while drawing. There are many blending modes and screen tones for layers. 

Download ibis Paint X

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