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Little Alchemist- Remastered (6)

Little Alchemist: Remastered MOD Apk Download 2.6.0 (Unlimited Money/Potions)


Little Alchemist: Remastered MOD APK is a card-battler game featuring thousands of spell cards & combos to save the little town.

App Info of Little Alchemist: Remastered

App Name

Little Alchemist: Remastered


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Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money/Potions

About Little Alchemist: Remastered

Little Alchemist Remastered MOD APK is a strategy card battler game with card combination mechanisms. It is offered by Monumental, LLC, and features over 1500 spell cards and 6500+ spell combinations to take down your enemies in countless unique strategies. The graphics and character designs are stylized and cute at the same time. Its storyline is also engaging with fun elements. 

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Help Little Alchemist to Save the Litte Town

Little Alchemist- Remastered (1)

The story begins when the great alchemist goes on a journey, leaving his home under the care of his two little alchemist apprentices. You are one of them. While clearing the house, another little alchemist, by mistake, breaks the jar that contains hundreds of evil alchemists. Now they are all free and are creating their forces to take over the town. You have to use your alchemy skills to stop and defeat them. 

Play as Elementor, Enchanter, or Healer

It has three classes of alchemist you can play as – Elementor, Enchanter, and Healer. Elementor can burn the enemies with his flame alchemy, enchanter can increase the attack & defense of your cards, and healer can heal your HP. Using the spells in combination triggers your alchemist’s skills. You can use spell combinations in a row to stack & increase their skill effects.

Use Spell Combinations to Defeat the Enemies

Little Alchemist- Remastered (2)

Little Alchemist Remastered MOD APK features a card-draw battle system where you & the opponent will draw a card from their decks and compare its attack & defense stats. When the attack stats are higher than the other’s defense, then the difference in these stats will be deducted from his HP. The battle lasts until one’s HP reaches zero. 

You both will start with 35 spell cards. The spell cards with a C tag can be combined to create a more powerful card. It also gives you an orb and triggers the alchemist’s skill. Using the combinations in a row stacks the orbs up to 5 times, increasing the skill’s effect. Using the spell cards with the F tag doesn’t break the stack, and also triggers the skill. 

Over 1400 Spells to Collect & Upgrade

Little Alchemist- Remastered (3)

There are more than 1400 different spell cards such as Angel, Bat, Chinchilla, Earth, Elf, Golem, Holy Water, Magic, Human, Metal, Poison, Snake, Sun, Undead, Vampire, Werewolf, Wizard, and many more. These cards are divided into two categories – C and F. You can combine the C cards together to get a new powerful card. And F cards are the final-stage cards. You can’t combine them.

You can also upgrade the cards to up to 6 levels to increase their base stats. At level 6, the C-class cards combination results in a higher-stats card and also gives you an additional orb. And the F-class cards at their 6th level receive many new skills such as reflect amplify, block, pierce, weaken, crushing blow, etc. 

Cards with the Crushing Blow skill ignore the enemy’s defense completely. Reflect skill deals half the damage you receive back to the enemy, the Amplify skill increases the attack by half, the block skill increases the defense by half, and the pierce skill ignores half of the enemy’s defense. There are many more skills you can unlock. To upgrade the cards, you need magic dust. You can get that by recycling the cards you don’t need. 

Research and Discover over 6500+ Different Spell Combos

Little Alchemist- Remastered (4)

Using a card alone is not powerful, but their combos with other cards create many types of powerful cards. Each C-class card comes with 60+ combos. You can research them, combine them with other cards in the lab, and unlock new combos to use in the battles. For instance, poison & snake combo cobra, eath & wizard combo geomancer, earth & magic combo golem, human & snake combo Medusa, angel & horse combo Pegasus, magic & snake combo Serpent Cultist, and many more combos are available. 

Compete with Other Players in Arena

Little Alchemist- Remastered (5)

If you want to test your alchemy skills against real players, enter the arena mode in the Little Alchemist Remastered MOD APK. It features a leaderboard for weekly and seasonal rankings. You can win the battles to earn stars and increase your ranking. Reaching a certain number of stars places you in a league. Based on your league at the end of the week, you will earn dark orbs which can be used in the armory to buy amazing stuff like tiebreakers, boost packs, PvP health upgrades, etc. And the seasonal ranking will reward you with gems & card pieces. 

Play Time-Limited Events to Unlock Unique Cards

There are diamond-rarity cards that you can get through time-limited events only. You can enter the portal to play time-limited events and challenge powerful foes. Defeat the enemies a certain number of times to unlock tier rewards which contain gold, boosts, golden cards, and ultimately portal keys. You can use the portal key to open the treasure chest and get a guaranteed diamond card. 

MOD Features of Little Alchemist: Remastered


Download Little Alchemist: Remastered

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