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Mimo: Learn Coding
Mimo Apk Mod

Mimo: Learn Coding MOD Apk Download 4.33.1 (Premium Unlocked)


Mimo MOD APK is an Android application that helps you to learn coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and SQL

App Info of Mimo: Learn Coding

App Name

Mimo: Learn Coding






Requires Android

5.0 and up


Premium Unlocked

About Mimo: Learn Coding

Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming is an educational application offered by Mimo GmbH and has five million downloads on the Play Store. Start taking lessons to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScrip, Python & SQL languages with Mimo to code your own websites and apps.

Overview of Mimo – Learn to Code

Mimo is an Android application offered by Mimo GmbH that helps you to learn coding languages. With its help, you can learn 5 languages. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and SQL. Learning languages is always a difficult task. But with Mimo, you only have to give your 10-20 minutes every day and you can learn these languages easily. It includes all the lessons from the basic to the professional level.

You can also code freely and check your mistakes later in the Mimo. It gives you challenges and projects to practice the selected language. With its bite-sized programming exercises, your skills will improve. You can also join the Mimo community to communicate with other coders from all around the world. Set a schedule to get notifications at the set time to start learning.

User-Friendly Interface

It has a very interactive interface. It has five tabs on the homescreen: Path, Browser, Leaderboard, Code Library & Profile. In the path tab, it shows the full path you are going to cover to learn the language and shows your position in this path. This path goes from basic course to intermediate to higher course.

In each course, there are multiple lessons, challenges, and projects for you to practice the programming. In the browse tab, it shows all the lessons, exercises, and projects of the selected language. To compete with other coders, you can check the leaderboard tab. In the code library, you can see the full list of codes, commands and write your own code for practicing.

Web Development

In the web development course, you will learn HTML, CSS, and then JavaScript languages. You need these languages to build websites. It includes 13000+ bite-size exercises, 85+ concepts and 60+ projects. Learn all about the HTML, CSS functions, Layout Fundamentals, Flexbox basics, Flexbox Containers, CSS Grid, JavaScript Basics, Types & Comparisons, Conditionals, Loops, Arrays, Functions, Objects, Reusable Programs, Dynamic Web Pages, Querying Web Pages, etc.


Python is a popular language. You can use it for many purposes like web development, machine learning, mobile apps developments, AI & games. This app has 2500+ bite-size exercises, 50+ concepts, and 30+ projects to improve your skills. You will learn about its basics, types & comparisons, conditional statements, loops, organizing data, using lists, strings, tuples, errors & exceptions, etc.

MOD Version of Mimo

The MOD version of Mimo comes with the following feature.

Premium Unlocked – The premium subscription is unlocked.

Download Mimo: Learn Coding

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