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Miraculous Ladybug
Miraculous Ladybug Cat Noir Mod

Miraculous Ladybug MOD Apk Download 5.9.15 (Premium, Unlocked Characters)


Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir MOD APK is an action-packed runner game where you can play as Miraculous Ladybug or Pegasus to beat enemies.

App Info of Miraculous Ladybug

App Name

Miraculous Ladybug


( 4 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Premium, Unlocked Characters

About Miraculous Ladybug

Miraculous Ladybug is an action-packed running game offered by “Crazy Labs by TabTale”. It has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store. Run as a superhero Miraculous Ladybug or Pegasus through the street, houses or rooftop and save Paris from enemies. 

Overview of Miraculous Ladybug


Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir MOD APK

Miraculous Ladybug is a three-lane runner game. You will run on the roads, rooftop & inside buildings. There will be many obstacles in the way. You have to dodge all the obstacles by jumping, sliding, or switching lanes. You can also collect ladybugs, gifts, power-ups, and butterflies. There are two modes in it: levels & endless mode. In the levels, you have to achieve the objective.

Objectives are random in each level, for example, collect X cookies, run X distance, collect X ladybugs, etc. You can get up to 3 stars in a level. To unlock the next stages, you need a certain amount of stars. On the map, some levels have a red pin that indicates the boss level. Defeat the bosses and save Paris. You can also play endless mode where you can run as much as you want without any objectives. 


Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir MOD APK

The controls are very easy. To control the character, you have to swipe in different directions. Swipe left or right to change the lane. Swipe up to jump over the obstacles. And swipe down to slide the character. On the rooftop, You have to run on the walls to go to the next building. To run on the walls, swipe towards the wall. Your running speed will increase over time. So you need quick reflexes to swipe.


Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir MOD APK

There are four types of power-ups you will find on the way. Pick these power-ups to get unique powers. Each power-up grants you special power for a limited time. You can upgrade the power-ups to increase the time.

Magnet – When you pick the magnet, you don’t have to change the lanes to collect ladybugs, butterflies, or other resources. A magnet attracts all the resources from all lanes for a limited period of time.

Shield – With the shield, you will be safe after a collision. Shield remains for a limited time only and can save you one time. 

Multiplier – During the multiplier power-up time, the score you will get while running will be doubled. It’s a good power-up to increase your score in the endless mode. 


Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir MOD APK

Butterflies & ladybugs are the main resources in this game. Butterflies are rarer than ladybugs. You can use butterflies to buy ladybugs and gifts. It can also be used to revive after you collide in the level. With the ladybugs, you can buy characters, gifts, and upgrade power-ups. You will find the ladybugs on the way while running. 

Miraculous Ladybug MOD APK Features


Note: Game requires: OBB File, download file available as well.

How to Save OBB Files?

1.) Download the OBB file/files.
2.) Download the MOD APK.
3.) Move the OBB files with the help of a filemanager to Android/obb/com.crazylabs.lady.bug on your device.
4.) Install the downloaded MOD APK.
5.) Enjoy.

The OBB files are either provided as “.obb” files or as “.zip” files. ZIP files do require to be extracted first.

Download Miraculous Ladybug

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