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Monster Fishing 2023
Monster Fishing 2023 Mod

Monster Fishing MOD Apk Download 0.4.25 (Unlimited Money)


Play Monster Fishing MOD APK to dive into a fishing world and catch all kinds of fish in 30 different world fishing spots.

App Info of Monster Fishing

App Name

Monster Fishing


( 3 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Monster Fishing

Download Monster Fishing MOD APK which has unlimited gold and diamonds. Monster Fishing is a sports game offered by Nexelon inc. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. Dive in a fishing world and catch all kinds of fishes in 30 world’s fishing spots.

Overview of Monster Fishing


Monster Fishing 2021 MOD APK

In Monster Fishing, you will catch all kinds of fish and experience the life of a fisherman. You will need a fishing rod, line, reel, and bait to catch a fish. Choose a location from the map. Then you need to cast the fishing line into the water. Tap the cast button, then you will see a gauge with a zone. Push the button when the cursor comes in the zone to increase the chances of finding a fish. After casting, it will take some time. When a fish takes the bait, tap the push button to try to catch it.

There will be two gauges this time: tension gauge and fever gauge. Hold the button to apply force. It will fill the tension gauge. If the force stays at the end of the tension gauge, the line will break and fish will get away. The tension gauge has small zones in it. When the force stays in these zones, the fever gauge fills. Swipe the button upwards when it fills completely to deal more damage to the fish. You will be successful in catching the fish when its HP hits zero.


Monster Fishing 2021 MOD APK

After catching a fish, you can keep it in the aquarium. In the aquarium fishes grow to the max level after a certain time period. Max-level fishes have a high price. In this way, you can earn more coins in the Monster Fishing 2022 MOD.

Fishing Items

In the Monster Fishing MOD APK, fishing rods, reels, fishing lines, and baits are the items you need for fishing. Rods, reels, and lines have two attributes: Damage and Durability. Durability is the number of turns you can use that item for fishing and damage shows the amount of damage it will deal with the fish. Baits only grant you chances of catching a better fish. Use a better bait & rod to increase the chances of catching fish of higher tier and grade. Reels provide you with extra gold & EXP. Lines are available in different lengths. You can upgrade the rods and reels to increase the damage & durability. Each time you upgrade an item, its upgrade chance decreases. After upgrading to a certain level, you can evolve the item to increase its star level. Evolving an item requires many materials like shells, murex, evolution tickets, etc.

Locations & Fish

Monster Fishing 2021 MOD APK

There are 35 fishing spots from all around the world in the Monster Fishing APK MOD. Each spot has unique fishes. Panama, Amazon, Cuba, Samoa, Maldive Island, choose any location you want. All these locations are based on the real world.


Coins and diamonds are the main resources in the game. With these resources, you can buy fishing items and aquariums. Coins are also needed to upgrade the items. There are also various materials and tickets. Enhancing any item requires these materials. You can find the materials while fishing.

MOD Feature

You are getting the Monster Fishing MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems here. With unlimited resources, you can easily buy gears & equipment from the shop.

Download Monster Fishing

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