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Rayman Adventures
Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures MOD Apk Download 3.9.95 (Unlimited Diamonds)


App Info of Rayman Adventures

App Name

Rayman Adventures


( 4 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Diamonds

About Rayman Adventures

Download the Rayman Adventures MOD APK which has unlimited diamonds. Rayman Adventures is an adventure game offered by Ubisoft Entertainment. It has more than ten million downloads on the play store. Play with Rayman or Barbara and collect all the incrediballs eggs to revive the sacred tree. 

Overview of Rayman Adventures


Rayman Adventures

The story in the Rayman Adventures MOD is about the Sacred Tree, Incrediball Eggs, and Rayman. Incrediball eggs are the only one who gives life to the Sacred Tree. But one day, bandits steal all the eggs and fly away in their ship. Some eggs are scattered across the world and the rest is in bandits’ hands. The Sacred Tree loses its all-life source and shrink. Now Rayman starts his journey to rescue and collect all the incrediball eggs to revive the Sacred Tree. Help Rayman in his journey.


Rayman Adventures

In Rayman Adventure MOD APK game, you will play as Rayman and your objective is to rescue all the incrediballs. You need to complete levels to collect the eggs. You can see the location of eggs on the map. In each location, you have to complete several levels to collect an egg. There are many types of levels like collecting the lums, freeing someone from the bandits, or fighting with the bandits. Your performance decides the number of stars you will get in the level. After getting the egg, place it in the incubator where the egg will hatch and you will get a new incrediball. Every new incrediball gives some life power to the tree that increases the tree’s height. You can also find some eggs hidden on the map. You will also face bandits, ghosts, minotaurs, and monsters in the levels. 


Rayman Adventures

The controls are very easy. Your character will run automatically after starting the level. You can change his running direction by swiping left and right. Tap on the screen to jump and swipe in the direction of running to attack. Swipe down to crush the enemies or objects below you. You can also use a gamepad to play the game.


Rayman Adventures

There are 380 unique incrediballs divided into more than 50 families in the Rayman Adventures MOD APK 2022. You can take up to 3 incrediballs with you in the levels. After using the incrediballs in a level, they go to sleep. They have special abilities and are divided into 3 classes based on their roles: Seekers, Protectors, and Inhalers.

Seekers – Many levels have hidden secrets. Seekers can find and show you those secrets. One seeker can find up to 3 secrets in a stage. 

Protectors – Whenever an enemy attacks you, the protector class incrediball protects you from that attack and provides you a shield for a short amount of time. During this time, you will not take any damage from any kind of attack. One protector can protect you only one time. 

Inhalers – You can use the Inhaler class incrediballs to collect all the nearby coins and lums. Inhalers help you throughout the whole level. You can use more than one inhaler to increase their sucking power.


Rayman Adventures

There are many items in the Rayman Adventures MOD APK Latest Version you can use to speed the game progress. 

Elixirs – Elixirs are used on the hatching eggs in the incubator. There are 4 types of elixirs: Golden egg, Silver egg, Speed time, and New Creature elixir. You can use the silver egg elixir to turn a bronze egg into a silver egg, golden egg elixir to turn the bronze or silver egg into a golden egg. Use the speed time elixir to reduce the hatching time by 30 minutes. 

Spyglass – You can see the location of eggs on the map, but can’t know what’s its rarity. Spyglass reveals the rarity of the eggs on the map.

Food – After using the incrediballs at a level, they go to sleep. To use them again, you need to give them food to wake them up.

MOD Features

In Rayman Adventures MOD APK Obb, you are getting unlimited diamonds. With unlimited diamonds, you can easily buy potions, food, and eggs from the shop.

Download Rayman Adventures

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