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Real Drum MOD APK features 100+ different drum types and video lessons that help you to learn playing drums.

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Real Drum is an application that lets you experience the realistic virtual drums in your mobile phones or tablets. You can enjoy the drumming in subways, bus station, home, and schools as well. The real drum is also easily accessible. There are many more amazing features in Real Drum, some of them are listed below.

We all love to listen to music, music is a universal language regardless of any country. As a result, there are millions of artists, tracks, albums, and there most importantly listeners as well. Most of the listeners always want to play some instruments like guitar, harmonium, drum, as they want to enjoy their life. Some of them brought new instruments out of excitement and later they get bored because of a lack of knowledge in using these new things.

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Overview of Real Drum Apk

If you want to experience how to play the drum then Real Drum is the best choice for you. Nowadays there are many instruments that we can play and enjoy. However, most of the instruments are very expensive and we can’t afford them at all. So for the people that love playing instruments like drums, want to practice and polish their skills Real Drum Apk is the best choice for them. There are a bunch of apps of virtual Music Instruments out there, but we do care about our visitors and so we chose this app for you.

Real Drum actually functions as the real drum can do. There are 13 drum pads that have unique sounds and sizes as well. There are some featured settings also available by which you can customize the kit with your own images and the sound you want to use. You can also do multi-tapping with multiple fingers as well so that you can mix the sound. Recently they have included 60 unique rhythms as well so you can test each sound as you want.

A virtual Drum Set

Presently if you check the market price an average Drum set could cost you not less than 200 dollars for novice practitioners and for pros you can imagine on your own. But if you are looking for an alternative without paying any amount then the Latest Real Drum Apk is the best choice for you. With the Real Drum Apk you can get the real experience of virtual Drum set in your own Mobile phones and tablets as well. Published by Kolb Apps, this app lets you enjoy drum sets and many more customizations today.

Multiple Drum Pads

If you have experience in playing drums then you at least have some knowledge that a single drum is not of any use. So for the better experience of users, there is a set of 13 Drum pads. In addition, we can customize the sound and size of each and every drum according to our own will. In those 13 Drum pads mostly high-rated drums like Snare, Tom Toms, Bass, Drum Stool, Ride Cymbal, Crash Cymbal, Hi-Hats, and many more drums are also included.

Free Video Lessons

There is another amazing feature that differentiates this app from others. This application provides free video lessons so you can learn how to play drums. You can also learn to play a song in a simple way. These lessons are categorized into Basic, Beginner, Dubstep, and many more. These lessons are provided by professional Drumists so no matter if you are a rookie or advanced learner you will get satisfied from these videos.

Customizable Drum Kits

This is another excellent feature of the Real Drum. You can enjoy the virtual look of your drums. You can change the appearance, size, and position of each and every drum as you find it easy. With each update of APK there are new personalized drum kits each month, You can download these personalized drum kits for free.

Realistic sounds and Multitouch

Real Drum lets you enjoy the realistic original sound of each drum pad. You can also use multi[le fingers at the same time to produce stunning sound effects.

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