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Rumble Stars Football
Rumble Stars Football MOD APK

Rumble Stars Football MOD Apk Download (Latest)


Rumble Stars Football Mod APK is a PVP football game. Play the football match using awesome rumblers and use their unique abilities.

App Info of Rumble Stars Football

App Name

Rumble Stars Football


( 11 )




Requires Android

5.0 and up



About Rumble Stars Football

Rumble Stars Football is a sports game offered by Frogmind. It has more than five million downloads on the play store. Play the football match using awesome rumblers and use their unique abilities to defeat your opponents.

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Overview of Rumble Stars Football

Rumble Stars Football mod apk

Rumble Stars Football is a PvP football game. You will play against the other players but not like in any other football game. In it, you will launch your rumblers with a slingshot. You can make a team of 8 rumblers. In the match, 4 rumblers will be available to be slung in the lineup. Choose the rumbler and sling it in the position where it will work perfectly. Another rumbler will take its position in the lineup. You need the energy to use the rumblers in the match. Your energy refills automatically over time. Create diversions and score the goal 3 times to win the match. You can join clubs and complete events for awesome rewards.


Rumble Stars Football mod apk

There are 47 rumblers in Rumble Stars football. Rumblers are divided into 3 rarities: Core, Pro, Superstar & Legendary. Each rumbler has different stats, energy costs, and unique playstyle. Some shoot goals, some go after the opponents, and some work as traps & defense. Loyal Dog always passes the ball to the teammate, raging bull hits the opponents to decrease their stamina and stomparoo shoots the ball from the air. Build the best lineup based on their play style. 


Rumble Stars Football mod apk

Win as many matches as you can and increase your trophies to get higher leagues. There are 9 leagues and each league has 3 divisions. As you achieve higher leagues, you can unlock new rumblers and chests’ rewards increase. After 5200 trophies, you will also get season-end rewards. You can get more trophies by using rumblers with the green trophies in your lineup. Green trophies can appear on any rumbler. You can use up to 3 green trophy rumblers. 


Rumble Stars Football mod apk

The chest gives you many rewards like coins, gems, and rumbler cards. The amount of rewards depends on the chest’s type. There are a total of 9 types of chests. 6 types are found after winning the matches in leagues.  These chest types are: Tutorial chests, silver, gold, colossal, super & king’s chest and rewards increase in the same order. Others are Goal, Event & Club chests. You get the goal chest after collecting 10 stars from the matches and the club chest by playing the club vs club. Win 3 or 10 matches in events to get an event chest. 


Rumble Stars Football mod apk

You can join a club to chat with other players or your friends. You can challenge them to a friendly match. If you need any rumbler, send the request and your teammates will help you. You can also donate rumblers to your friends in the Rumble Stars Football APK Latest Version. Your league will decide how many rumblers you can donate or get. You can also play club vs club to get awesome rewards.


Rumble Stars Football mod apk

Gems & coins are the main resources in the game. Gems are used to buy rumbers, chests, and gold from the shop. You can use gems to instantly open the chests and also to reset the event or buy extra attempts. Coins are used to upgrade the rumbers. Upgrading the rumblers increases their stats. 

Download Rumble Stars Football

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