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Score! Hero 2
Score! Hero 2 MOD APK

Score! Hero 2 MOD Apk Download 3.06 (Unlimited Money)


App Info of Score! Hero 2

App Name

Score! Hero 2


( 6 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Score! Hero 2

Hey there, from here, you can download Score Hero 2 MOD APK, which has unlimited lives. Score! Hero 2 is a soccer sports game offered by First Touch Games Ltd. It’s the next sequel of the Score Hero game and has more than millions of downloads on the play store. If you are bored of playing soccer games where you have to run in the match the whole time to score, then try Score! Hero 2 with completely different gameplay totally focused on goals.

Overview of Score! Hero 2

score hero 2 mod

In this game, you will start as a beginner player in soccer but with the skills and potential to become the best soccer player. With your performance, many teams approach you to join their team. Choose any team you wanna play with. As a new player, you will only get some chances to play in the match. You will be put in the match under certain conditions and players’ position. You have to pass the ball and then score the goal to win. Win every match with your awesome pass and goals and become the best soccer player.


score hero 2 mod apk

The controls are very easy to understand but hard to master. You only need one finger to play the game. You have to pass the ball to your teammates and then score the goal. Draw a line from you to your teammate to pass the ball. Your character will kick the ball in the same direction you draw the line. Draw a curve to kick the ball in a curve. Also to score the goal, draw the line from the ball to the net and don’t let the opponent catch or stop the ball. You have to draw the perfect line for a successful pass and goal.


score hero 2 mod apk

There are many seasons in the story mode. In each season, your performance will be recorded. You can enter the next season only if you qualify for that. Each season has many levels. You can get a maximum of 3 stars in a level. If you get a certain number of stars in all levels, then you can enter the next season. You can see are the requirements for 3 stars and play the level again.


score hero 2 mod apk

You can customize your character from head to foot. There are so many choices. You change the hairstyle, hair color, beard of the character. Change the name on his t-shirt, number, and also select between half-sleeve or full-sleeve. You can also choose the shoes. He’s the main player in the game. So customize him as you want.


Energy and Hero Bux, or money, are the main resources in the game. Energy is so necessary to play the match. If you don’t have any energy, then you can’t start the energy. The maximum number of energy is 5 in it. When you fail to pass our goal, you will lose half your energy. Your energy refills automatically after a certain amount of time. Hero Bux or Money is used to customize your character. Money is also used in matches to rewind the time after a failed pass or goal attempt. It lets you continue & correct the last move. If you don’t use rewind or out of money, then the level will start from the starting and half energy will lose.

MOD Features

Score Hero 2 MOD APK has some modified features. Check them down below.

  • Unlimited Money

Download Score! Hero 2

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