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Soccer Manager 2024 MOD Apk Download 3.0.0 (Mega Menu, Unlimited Training, Upgrades)


Soccer Manager 2024 MOD APK is a sports & coaching game where you can play as a manager and train your soccer team.

App Info of Soccer Manager 2024

App Name

Soccer Manager 2024


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Mega Menu, Unlimited Training, Upgrades

About Soccer Manager 2024

Hello, everyone. Invincibles Studio Ltd has launched a new game – Soccer Manager 2024 – Football which has gained popularity and got over fifty million downloads in a few months. In it, you can play as a manager, create your own club, manage their training sessions, decide your strategy, team formation, attack style & defense style, and give instructions to your players while playing a match. Sponsorship, stadium & facilities, merchandise, youth players, scouting, etc., you can manage it all. 

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Start Your Journey as a Manager

You will play as a manager in this game and your goal is to train your football team, take it to the top, and become the best manager ever. But it will not be as easy as said. To achieve the legendary manager status, not only do you have to train your team, but also manage the club, finance, and various facilities, and also gain the support of fans & board through your performance.

Level Up Your Role & Unlock Traits

In Soccer Manager 2024, you will get XP on winning every match. The XP is required to level up your manager level. On leveling up, you gain manager points. You can use these points to upgrade various attributes such as defenders training, attackers training, midfielders training, injury prevention, sponsorship, and many more. 

At each level, you can unlock various traits that give you special abilities & advantages. For instance, the ability to create custom formations, team chemistry boost, pre-match rating boost, increased chance of high-rated players to renew their contract, and 50 more traits. Also, on achieving certain levels 1, 6, 11, 16 & 21, your manager is promoted to Amateur, Professional, Elite, World-Class, and Legend leagues respectively. 

Start Your Career & Pick Any Club

You can start your new career and take control of any club to take it to the top of the world. When starting a career, you can choose any continent like Europe, America, Asia, etc., then the country, and then the club. It has 900 official clubs. Argentinos Juniors, Banfield, CA Patronato, Austin FC, Chicago Fire, Club Leon, Atlas, Monterrey, Botafogo FR, Athletico Paranaense, and all other clubs from 35 countries are available. 

Soccer Manager 2023 (3)

While selecting the club, it also shows you additional information like stadium name, stadium capacity, and budget allocated. Once you select your club, you can start managing it. The management will include everything from tactics, formation, play styles, player roles, etc. to scouting, transfer market, training, upgrading the stadium, etc.

Manage Your Stadium & Other Facilities

There are five facilities in the Soccer Manager 2024 that you will manage. These facilities play an important role in your career. Upgrading them can improve the performance of your players, training, scouting, player signing, etc. The following are the facilities:

Soccer Manager 2023 (4)


Stadium is the main source of cash income. The higher the stadium capacity, the more cash you will earn. You can upgrade the stands to increase the capacity. It will also increase the fanbase. 

Training Ground

The training ground allows you to manage your squad’s training regime. You can start training drills to increase the certain attributes of your players such as fitness, attacking, defending, goalkeeping, tactical attributes, etc. It will develop their potential and make them better quicker. Upgrading the training ground will increase the effectiveness of the training and unlock more training slots. 

Scouting Network

Soccer Manager 2023 (5)

Here, you can send the scouts to gain valuable information on other players, teams, clubs, and leagues. When assigning a scout, you can mention the requirements like player position, age, player value, contract expiry, country, etc. It will take some time for the scout to report back. Once reported, you can view all the details about the scouted player and decide whether to scout the player or not. Upgrading the scouting facility will increase the effectiveness of scouting and the number of scouts. 

Club Zone

Club Zone is the area where you can manage the revenue & finance of your club, TV revenue & merchandise. You can also see income from different sources and the level of injury prevention & recovery. You can upgrade the club zone to boost your income and increase the players’ fitness & injury prevention.

Additionally, you can choose the sponsors too. By making an agreement with the brands to sponsor your club, you can gain financial benefits from them for the agreed length. It will increase your income too. 

Youth Academy

In the youth academy, you can sign potential players at a very young age and train them to improve their starting stats & skills for the future generation. Once they become the best, you can add them to your team. Upgrading the youth academy will increase the academy’s capacity as well as the youth players’ stats, their potential accuracy, and decrease the youth intake frequency. 

Schedule a Friendly Match with Other Club

What’s the best way to test your tactics & formation than in a match? If you come up with a new formation & strategy but don’t know if it will work or not, then you can always schedule a friendly match with other clubs and test it against them. It will also give your players some experience. The calendar tab shows you all the information about the fixtures of the current season including the dates when you can arrange friendly matches. So, don’t miss any chances and improve your tactics & formations through friendly matches. 

MOD Features of Soccer Manager 2024

  • Free Stadium Upgrade (1 Coin To Finish Now)
  • Free Facility Upgrade (1 Day Completion)
  • Player Happy With Any Squad Status
  • Unlimited Training
  • Player Has Been Scouted
  • Fitness 100% After Training
  • Remove Ads

Note :

  1. Install original game, login to your account. Then install modded apk on it.
  2. To use the mod, your device must be rooted and should be fully patched.
  3. If you have these, install the Original Game and log in to your account. Then install the mod apk on top of it.

Download Soccer Manager 2024

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