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Super Meat Boy Forever (6)
Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever Apk Download 6752.1832.1958.152 (Full Game)


Super Meat Boy Forever MOD APK is a 2D platformer game where you will need precision & quick reflexes to overcome deadly obstacles.

App Info of Super Meat Boy Forever

App Name

Super Meat Boy Forever


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Requires Android

5.0 and up


Full Game

About Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever is one of the best 2D adventure & auto-runner platformer game offered by Headup and continue the story of its prequel Super Meat Boy. It features new control mechanics, new levels full of deadly obstacles & traps, a world generator, a dark world with higher difficulty, and randomly generated levels with each playthrough. It’s also the #2 top-paid adventure game on the Play Store.

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Beginning of the Journey Full of Deaths

Super Meat Boy Forever (1)

At the end of the Super Meat Boy game, Meat Boy lived happily & peacefully with the Bandage Girl after defeating Dr. Fetus. They also had a daughter named Nugget. But that peace was not forever. Dr. Fetus returned after several years, attacked Meat Boy & Bandage Girl with a shovel, and kidnapped their Daughter. Now, that the peace is broken again, Meat Boy & Bandage Girl will not sit quietly until they teach a lesson to Dr. Fetus with their punches & kicks. So, are you ready to die again, sorry, I mean, to beat him again?

Controls Harder Than Before – No Time To Stop, Think while Dying

The developers didn’t stay behind in challenging the players’ skills and introduced new control mechanisms. They removed the D-pad to control the Meat Boy and added auto-run. Yes. Meat Boy runs automatically and you have to jump, slide & punch to save him. He will not stop even for a moment. You have to think quickly at the same moment what to do as he runs forward otherwise he will die spattering his blood all over the place. 

Super Meat Boy Forever (2)

The controls to jump, slide, dive, and punch is the simplest in the game. Just that mastering them is what the game is about. Tap the right side of the screen to jump, hold for a higher jump, and tap again to punch in the air. Tap the left side to slide & punch, and hold for a longer slide. See, so simple😇.

Another feature that makes this game unstoppable is instant-revive. After death, it will revive you instantly at the last checkpoint and start the run automatically. It will not give you any time to rest. 

Die, Die, Die a Lot to Pass the Levels

Super Meat Boy Forever (3)

More than the enemies, traps, bosses, or obstacles, you will face death💀. If you’re new & think you will not die and are completely confident in your skills, sorry pal, it’s a no-go. Dying is a part of the game. The game will not stop for you to think about the next step. And to come up with something unforeseeable situations is impossible. So, you will die when faced with those situations. And you may need to die a lot to understand it and come up with steps to overcome it. 

Sometimes, even when you understand how to pass an obstacle, your controlling skills will be tested. You will need a precise jump, how long, whether to punch or not to cover the extra distance, dive or not, and many other small movements. Mastering these skills will not be easy.


Super Meat Boy Forever (4)

Many players abandon the Super Meat Boy Forever game after trying & failing many times on a level. They say it’s not for them. It’s too difficult. Or, the developers don’t want them to play the game, lol😆. But when you try again, and again, and keep on trying until you succeed, you will have the most satisfying feeling. The feeling of completing the level and accomplishing this feat will be great. It will be worth your effort. So, don’t give up. TATAKAI⚔️. And just between you and me, I died 👻102 times in a single level. 

Prove Your Skills by Unlocking & Completing Dark World

It comes with Light World and Dark World levels. Light World levels are at your default difficulty which is so hard if you ask me. And Dark World levels are even harder. Also, you need to complete the levels with an A+ rating to unlock dark world levels. This is the chance to prove your skills. Unlock dark world levels and complete them. 

Start New Game Plus for Whole New Levels & Difficulties

Super Meat Boy Forever (5)

These days many games come with New Game Plus or NG+ feature which means players can play the game again with higher difficulty & carry over their equipment & skills. Super Meat Boy Forever also has this feature with an addition. Not only the difficulty increases, but the levels also change. So, you will not get any duplicate levels in the next playthrough. 

Download Super Meat Boy Forever

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