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Tasks MOD Apk Download 3.14.0 (Pro Unlocked)


Tasks: to do list & tasks MOD APK is a productivity app that allows you to organize the tasks with to-do lists, task lists, and reminders.

App Info of Tasks

App Name



( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Pro Unlocked

About Tasks

Tasks is a reminder app with a task list. It will help to remind the things in your life. In this app, you can add tasks that you forget while doing work. You can make a list of tasks. It’s offered by Pocket Brilliance Limited. It has more than one million downloads on Google Play Store. You can make lists of various things such as grocery lists, project lists, and many things to remember. You can set reminders with the time and date for your task. Through this, you will be able to perform the tasks at the correct time.

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Overview of Tasks: To-do List & Tasks

Tasks Premium MOD APK

Tasks is an app with which you can organize the things, tasks with the list. You can set a reminder or alarm with tasks. It is an interesting app for reminding the tasks which you forget in your busy life schedule. You can edit the due date for your list. Tap your finger on the due date to mention the date for the list. Tasks can be delivered at the right time by the use of reminders. You can delete the task by selecting the task and then tap on the delete task option.

Tasks Simply Organised

You can simply edit your tasks to remind yourself of important tasks and other things. When you edit your tasks it provides help in your busy life to maintain the schedule. When you organised tasks it helps in improving the lifestyle. So tasks provide a great role in our life to maintain it.

Reminders, Notifications, and Alarms

Tasks Premium MOD APK

Tasks can be delivered at the right time by the use of reminders, notifications, and alarms. Reminders play a very important role for reminds the tasks. When users set the reminder in the Tasks for a task then they set reminders with a due date and time. It helps to keep things in mind and remind the things at the correct time.

Calendar View

When users add the tasks then they also set dates and times for the tasks. Through the help of the calendar, they will be able to set date for the tasks. You can set a date by choosing the due date. And select the date on which you want to perform the task. Then tap the ok button. Then your date will be set for the task.

Quickly Add Tasks

Tasks Premium MOD APK

You can quickly add tasks. The steps are very simple to add the tasks. When you open the app then on the right bottom, a plus icon is available. When you tap on the plus icon you will be able to add the tasks. Then you can write the name of tasks. Also, you can add the sub-tasks, you can add tags for your tasks. After adding the tasks, don’t forget to set the reminders as well.

User-friendly interface

It is very easy to use for users. Firstly, open the app. Then tap on the plus icon which is present on the right side at the bottom. When you tap on the plus icon, you will be able to add the task easily. You can add a date to tap your finger on the due date. And also you can set reminders to remind the tasks. Tap your finger on a reminder to set reminder to complete the tasks at the correct time. It is a very good app with good features. This app helps to maintain a busy lifestyle. It is a root-free app.

MOD Version of Tasks

The MOD version of Tasks has the following features.

Premium Unlocked: All the premium features of Tasks are unlocked.

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

What are Tasks? Is it safe to use?

Tasks is an app through which you can add tasks to maintain your lifestyle and keep things remind. A reminder is set for every task with a date and time for completing the tasks at the correctly time. Yes, it is safe to use.

What are the best features of Tasks?

Many great features are available on this app such as you can organize tasks, reminders and alarms, a calendar view, configurable home screen widget.

Do you need to root your device to use this app?

 As rooting can be harmful to your Android device, so there is no need to root your device to use this app.

Download Tasks

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