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tekken 3 game download
Tekken 3 Mod_result

Tekken 3 Apk Download 1.0 (Latest)


Tekken 3 for Android is ready for download. The same PS2 game is now available for Android. Enjoy this game with your favorite fighters.

App Info of Tekken 3

App Name

Tekken 3


( 145 )





Requires Android




About Tekken 3

Tekken 3 is an all-time popular arcade game offered by Namco. It was originally a PS2 game launched in 1998. But, now, we can enjoy it on our Android devices too without missing any of the features. The Android version has all the game modes such as Tekken Ball Mode, Survival Mode, Arcade Mode, Vs. Mode, etc. with an addition of built-in cheat codes that can provide infinite HP & unlock all characters. keep reading this article to Tekken 3 game download.

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Tekken 3 – Multiple Game Modes

Tekken 3 (1)

Tekken 3 has multiple game modes, each mode featuring a different set of rules and challenges. These game modes are as follows:

Arcade Mode

Arcade mode features one-on-one matches where you will fight against all 9 characters from the roaster. Winning two rounds against a character will advance you to the next match. After defeating all the characters, you will fight against Heihachi, and then True Ogre. To complete the arcade mode, you need to defeat them. You can set the game difficulty, round time, guard damage, and other settings for this mode. 

Time Attack Mode

It’s the same mode as arcade mode with some additional rules. The time limit is set to 40 seconds. You can’t pause the game or open the command list. Also, the game difficulty will be medium by default. You can’t change that. You will fight against others in a 2-round match one by one, for a total of 11 games.  

Tekken Force Mode

Tekken 3 (2)

It’s a 2D, side-scrolling mode where you will face many Tekken military enemies. It has four stages and at the end of each stage, you will fight against a boss. Depending on your selected character, the bosses will vary. It also has a time limit. If you are unable to defeat the enemies in the given time, you will fail. 

Survival Mode

As the name suggests, in this mode, you have to survive and defeat as many opponents as you can. You will not recover your HP after winning the matches and carry on to the next game with the remaining HP. Once you die, the mode ends. 

Practice Mode

It’s the best mode to practice new moves of your favorite character. You can toggle various options such as key display, attack data, freeze display, etc. The key display option displays all the buttons you press at the bottom of the screen. The attack data shows the damage dealt by each attack and the total damage. Also, you can select from combo training, vs. CPU, or free modes. These modes are as follows:

Combo Training – You can select the combo you want to practice. Then it will show the button combinations of the selected combo at the bottom. 

Vs. CPU – You can set the opponent’s level and difficulty and practice against it.

Free – You can use a training dummy in any position like crouch, stand, stand guard, crouch guard, tech roll, controller, etc. Then you can practice your moves to counter these positions. 

Tekken Ball Mode

Tekken 3 (3)

It’s a volleyball mode where you will play 2 rounds of volleyball. You can select from three types of volleyball – Beach Ball, Gum Ball, and Iron Ball. These balls deal 60%, 80%, and 100% damage respectively. You can punch or kick the ball to through the ball to the opponent’s side. It also charges the ball and causes damage to the opponent upon contact. Falling the ball into the opponent’s court also deals damage. 

VS Mode

It’s PvP mode where two players can play against each other. The rules are the same as the arcade mode. Invite your friends and play with them. 

Team Battle Mode

In this mode, you can select up to 8 players for your team to fight against others. The matches will be 1-on-1. The character will carry its health to the next match and will be eliminated if defeated. Then the next character will enter the fight. You will lose when all 8 characters are defeated. 

Play with Your Favorite Characters like Jin, Gon, Yoshimitsu, or Heihachi

Tekken 3 (4)

It features all ten Tekken 3 characters such as King, Law, Jin, Nina, Paul, Yoshimitsu, Xiaoyu, Hwoarang, Eddy, and Lei. Each character has a unique set of 20 different moves & combos. You can master those combos to take down your opponents. There are also additional playable characters like Gon, Doctor B, Heihachi, Ancient Ogre, Kuma, Bryan, etc. But you need to unlock them first. Each character has different unlock requirements. 

You need to complete the arcade mode 1 to 9 times with a different character to unlock Kuma, Julia, Gun Jack, Mokujin, Anna, Bryan, Heihachi, Ogre, and True Ogre respectively. And to unlock Tigher Jackson, you have to do it 16 times. To unlock the Gon, beat him in the Tekken Ball Mode. Completing the Tekken Force Mode 4 times will unlock Doctor B. 

Or, you can use the built-in cheat codes of Tekken 3 to unlock all of them instantly.

Built-in Cheat Codes

Tekken 3 (5)

Tekken 3 APK Download comes with the in-build cheat codes. You can enable/disable these cheats anytime you want. To open the cheat list, simply press the back button to open the menu, and select the Cheat Codes option. It will open the list of cheat codes. Then, toggle the cheat you need and tap on the apply button. The cheat codes included are as follows:

  • Infinite HP/Energry in All Modes
  • Unlock All Characters with Additional Costumes
  • Enable Tiger
  • Enable Theater Mode
  • Enable All Movies in Theater Mode
  • Enable Tekken Ball Mode
  • Unlimited Time to Choose Character
  • Infinite Time
  • Have All Keys in Tekken Force Mode
  • Warp to the Last Stage

Download Tekken 3

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