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Temple Run
Traffic Rider MOD APK

Temple Run MOD Apk Download 1.25.1 (Unlimited Coins)


App Info of Temple Run

App Name

Temple Run


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Coins

About Temple Run

Temple Run is an arcade runner game offered by Imangi Studios. It has more than five hundred million downloads and is #1 in the top free arcade games on the play store. Collect coins, use power-ups, swipe to avoid obstacles, escape from the temple and run as long as you can.

Overview of Temple Run

Temple Run MOD APK

Your character is an explorer who finds an ancient relic. When you tap the screen to start playing, he will pick the relic and demonic monkeys will try to catch you. Your character will run automatically. You have to use swipe actions to turn, jump & slide to avoid the obstacles. Running speed will keep increasing after a certain distance. You can collect the coins on the way and use them to unlock & upgrade power-ups. On collecting coins, the bonus meter also fills which gives bonus score points when filled completely. You can complete the objectives to increase the multiplier. The higher the multiplier, the higher score you will get. 


Temple Run MOD APK

The controls are very easy but you need quick reflexes if you wanna keep running. Swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide, and swipe left/right to run in either direction. You can also tilt your device to run on the sides of the path. There are single-use power-ups in the game. You can activate them by double-tapping the screen.


Temple Run MOD APK

There are many power-ups you can pick or use to gain some abilities for a limited time. Power-ups are divided into 2 types: in-level power-ups and single-use power-ups. 

In-level Power-ups

You can find these power-ups while running. You have to pick these to activate their effects. Upgrading these power-ups will increase their effect time. 

Mega Coin – Mega coins give a large number of coins. At level 1, it gives 75 coins. Upgrade it to increase its value. 

Coin Magnet – Coin magnet grants you the ability to attract coins. You don’t have to tilt or jump to collect the coins. 

Invisibility – During invisibility time, you can pass through the obstacles unharmed. You only have to turn left or right. Broken paths are also repaired during this time. 

Temple Run MOD APK

Boost – Picking the boost will increase your running speed. You will cover a great distance within seconds without doing anything. No need to swipe or avoid. 

Coins Value – It’s based on your covered distance. When you cover a certain distance, coins with more value will spawn on the way. There are three types of coins: Yellow, Red & Blue. Yellow coin’s value is one, red’s value is 2, and blue’s value is 3 coins. You can upgrade this power-up to decrease the required distance. 

Single Use Power-ups

Temple Run MOD APK

Single-use power-ups can only be bought in the store. You can use it only one time and need to buy it again to use it. You can activate these power-ups by double-tapping the screen. With the resurrection wings, you will be resurrected again after dying. You can use the boost & mega boost in the starting to cover 1000 m & 2500 m within a few seconds. 

MOD Features

Unlimited Coins: With it, you can unlock all the characters, power-ups, and boosters, and upgrade them to the max levels in a few seconds.

Download Temple Run

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