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The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats MOD Apk Download 13.0.0 (Unlimited Money, XP, Cat Food)


In The Battle Cats MOD APK, Unlock hundreds of amazing cats, upgrade & evolve them, use Cat God’s skills and annihilate your enemies.

App Info of The Battle Cats

App Name

The Battle Cats


( 11 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money, XP, Cat Food

About The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats MOD is a casual game offered by PONOS Corporation. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. Unlock hundreds of amazing cats, upgrade & evolve them, make them powerful, use Cat God’s skills, and annihilate all your enemies.

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Overview of The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats MOD is a 2D side-view battle game. In it, you will attack an enemy’s base using your cat army. There will be an enemy base on the left side and your cat base on the right side. Enemies will come out of the base and try to reach your base to destroy it. To stop them, you have to produce your cats and destroy their base.

You will see your cat’s deck at the bottom middle of the screen, worker cat at the left corner, and base cannon at the right corner of the screen. Worker cat produces money over time. Use this money to produce the cat. Your cats will automatically attack the enemies and their base. You will get money for killing the enemies too.

You can also upgrade the worker cat to increase the money production rate and maximum money capacity in The Battle Cats MOD. Over time, your base’s cannon also recharges. It has a limited range but deals very high damage to all the enemies in its range. So, lure enemies in and use it to kill many enemies at once. You can also use the skills & power-ups to give a boost to your cats.

To win the level, destroy the enemy’s base. You will get XP as a reward for winning the battle. XP is used to upgrade the cats’ level and other upgrades such as cannon, max money capacity, production rate, etc. As you proceed to higher levels, new cats will unlock to add to your army. Keep upgrading them, defeating enemies, and taking over the world.

Upgrade & Evolve 300+ Types of Cats

There are hundreds of cats in The Battle Cats MOD. Simple cat, tank cat, muscular cat, axe cat, sniper cat, gross cat, swordsman cat, wheel cat, ninja cat, and so many others. Each cat is unique and has unique abilities. You can upgrade them to make them stronger and evolve them to unleash their true forms.

MOD Version of The Battle Cats

The The Battle Cats MOD has the following features.


  • A lot of cat food, xp, and props;
  • All cats are upgraded, most of them are Tier 3

NOTE: When you enter the game, you need to download the data, open the network to download, cut off the network immediately after you select your age, exit the game, enter the application management of mobile phone settings, find the game, and close all the online permissions of the game to run the game normally.



Unlimited Money, XP & Cat Food – You can easily buy & upgrade your cats, cannon, production rate, and max money capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions-Answers

Is this The Battle Cats MOD safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. None of your entered data is shared with any party. It is completely safe to use.

How many cats are available in the game?

There are more than 300 cats in this game.


In conclusion, The Battle Cats MOD emerges as an inventive creation from PONOS Corporation, establishing itself within the realm of mobile gaming through its modified gameplay approach. This modified version introduces an array of cool features, including Unlimited Money, XP, and Cat Food, which enhance the gameplay experience. The game boasts an endearing art style, complemented by an array of charming feline protagonists, resulting in a truly captivating and immersive gaming experience.

The strategic core of the gameplay involves skillful deployment of these delightful cat units to effectively thwart encroaching adversaries. Beneath its accessible exterior lies a nuanced domain of tactical planning and resource management, catering to both casual gamers and those who relish intricate strategic challenges. With its multi-platform availability and a fervent community of players, buoyed by consistent content updates, The Battle Cats MOD has undeniably secured its position as a cherished and enduring addition to the dynamic landscape of mobile gaming, offering a uniquely customized adventure for players to indulge in.

Download The Battle Cats

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