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tom and jerry chase apk

Tom and Jerry Chase Apk Download 5.4.41 (Latest Version)


Tom and Jerry: Chase MOD APK is a casual 1v4 game where you can play as a cat or mouse to catch all the mice or steal the cheese respectively.

App Info of Tom and Jerry Chase

App Name

Tom and Jerry Chase


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Latest Version

About Tom and Jerry Chase

Hey there, from here, you can download Tom and Jerry Chase MOD APK and enjoy the full game. Tom and Jerry: Chase is a casual 1v4 game offered by NetEase Games. It has more than five million downloads on the Play Store. Play as Tom, Lightning, Topsy, or Butch & catch all the mice or play as Jerry, Tuffy, Muscles, or Pecos & steal all the cheese using your amazing skills and continue the chase between world-famous cat & mouse – Tom and Jerry.

Overview of Tom and Jerry: Chase

Tom and Jerry Chase is a multiplayer 1v4, Cat vs Mice game. You can choose to play as a cat or a mouse. Both have different objectives to win the match. The cat will try to catch & dispatch the mice while mice will try to steal the cheese. The match will last for 10 minutes. You have to complete your objectives in that time to win the match. There will be many items on the map such as cake and milk that you can eat to get a buff. Here’s what you will do while playing as:

As a Cat

In the first minute, you can explore the map in the search of EXP cakes to increase your XP. XP is required to upgrade the skills. During this time, you will face only mice’s robots that you can break in one hit. After one minute, all 4 mice will come out of their holes and will try to steal the cheese. You have to stop them. Use your basic attack to reduce their HP and stun them. Then catch them.

On catching them, you will see rockets’ locations on the map. Tie them with the rockets. You can only catch and tie one mouse at a time. It will take 50 seconds to dispatch the rocket after tying the mouse. During that time, his allies can rescue him. When the mouse is rescued, the rocket launch time will stop but will not reset to 50 seconds. Dispatch 3 mice to win the match.

As a Mouse

When you play as a mouse, you can control a robot in the first minute to find out all the locations of cheese and steal the EXP cakes. After one minute, you have to come out of the hole to steal the cheese. There will be 5 cheese and 5 holes at different locations. You have to steal the cheese and take it back to the hole.

The cheese will be bigger than the hole. So, you have to push it hard into the hole. It will take some time. But your teammates can help you by pushing it together to decrease the time. You can push only one cheese in a hole. Steal all 5 cheese and push them into the holes. Also, be aware of the cat. He can catch you and dispatch with the rocket.

If you are dispatched, you will not be able to come back. If your teammate is tied up with the rocket, you can rescue him before the rocket launch. When all 5 slices of cheese are pushed into the holes, a crack will appear on the wall. You have to break the wall using the items such as plates, golf balls, fruits, etc. To win the match, at least 2 mice must be escaped into the hole.

30+ Characters

Do you remember Tuffy, Muscles, Pecos, and Topo? Or Butch, Topsy, Lightning, Meathead, and Tara? All these characters are included in the Tom and Jerry Chase APK Latest Version. Each of them has unique skills. Use their amazing skills to defeat your opponents. When you use a character, you get proficiency points that are required to increase the character’s proficiency level. As the character’s proficiency level increases, his/her perk capacity also increases. You can equip more perk cards to get amazing perks.

What’s New?

  • Rocket/Robot Mouse Skins are now available.
  • Perk Cards Update. Added Rookie Card Pools and a Perk Card Token draw system.


Is Tom and Jerry Chase APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. None of your entered data is shared with any party. It is completely safe to use.

How to increase the perk capacity?

To increase the perk capacity of a character, play matches with that character or use proficiency items to increase his/her proficiency level. With each level, your perk capacity also increases.

How many game modes are there in this game?

There are more than 10 game modes. Some of them are Classic, Ranked, Casual, 5v5, Running mode, Beach Volleyball, etc.

How can I activate my second weapon?

Increase the proficiency level of the character to 20. Then complete that character’s goals and obtain all the pieces required for the second weapon.


Thank you very much for reading this post. Tom and Jerry Chase APK is an amazing game that lets you play as the world’s favorite characters – Tom and Jerry. Steal cheese, use a golf ball, fruits, plates & other items to hit the Tom, lay traps to catch the Jerry, and continue the chase as you want. And in this game, you can buy Lightning, Tuffy, Muscles, Detective Jerry, and all other characters. You will have fun playing this game. Have a nice day!

Download Tom and Jerry Chase

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