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ToTok Apk Download (Latest)


App Info of ToTok

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Requires Android

5.0 and up



About ToTok

These days, where people are using social applications to interact with each other on a basis. It’s so important nowadays and without social apps, there is nothing. It’s not just about posting pictures or videos on the web or whatever but the important part is to interact, to communicate, and at a very less cost or even free. So, here we have a new & innovative mobile application, known as ToTok APK. It provides free audio & video calls, also unlimited calling at no cost, just like your favorite app like WhatsApp.

ToTok is offered by totok.ai and it’s free to download on mobile devices. It’s available for both Android & iOS operating systems. Unluckily, it’s not on the Google Play Store for some reasons, but you can find it on the Apple AppStore. For android users, if you have a Samsung device, try using Galaxy Store. For Huawei users, try App Gallery. Others can visit their official website to get the “Totok APK Download” button for free. However, in this article, you can find the download button and its features.

ToTok app APK is a simple and secure application for all your social needs. If you need an app that is secure, fast, requires less data, provides more features, then ToTok can be your new favorite app. Also, here are a few questions I would love to ask you. Do you chat a lot? Do you wish you had an app with which you can video call your friends easily? Or, you know, let’s say, how about an app where you can make a group of thousands of people. Must be thinking, it’s impossible? Well, no. It’s possible with ToTok. Check below some details of this app & its coolest features.

Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security

As we all know that privacy & security matters the most. So, ToTok completely in favor of it. Here, you get the best Encryption feature by default. In this picture, you can see the comparison of ToTok for Android with the world’s best social apps. Your messages are safe and encrypted, no one can hear them, even the official company itself. But we all know, in case of a backup, the encryption feature doesn’t work there. However, using an app with privacy & security features is the best option.

Unlimited Free Calling

Unlimited Free Calling

Nowadays, there are many apps with the audio-calling feature but most of them show ads, and not secure. But this app provides unlimited free calling with security. No matter where you are or your friends. You can always call your friends and there are no limits and no hidden cost. It’s completely free.

20-Person Video Calling

20-Person Video Calling

On Totok, we can do a 20-Person video call. Sounds amazing, right. This feature is one of the best of its own as video calling is a trending feature, provided by social media apps. So, Totok is here and providing this feature with up to 20 people’s video calls. It’s great for friends discussion, even, in work, it can help a lot. For like, a short presentation, or for a fun time, let’s do it. Speaking personally, I never used a video-calling feature, but it’s great that the technology is growing.

10,000-Person Group

10000-person group

On other social apps, where just hundreds of people can join a group and it’s very low, sometimes. ToTok solved that and we can make a group of up to 10,000 people. This feature can be used for various purposes. Let’s say, for college & schools, where teachers can provide important information to their students. Even, I think, what about a group with all the students, related to a term, like, you know programming. There will be thousands of students, and they can find & solve problems, help others, take help, it’s beautiful. We all know, there are bad things too about groups, as we know, technology is a curse sometimes. Though, we focus on great things, and thank you ToTok for making this amazing feature.

Chat Wallpapers

chat wallpaper

People love using chat wallpapers, but there are not so many amazing wallpapers are there, in current social apps. However, ToTok has a library of soothing wallpapers. You can use them in your chats. They are unique, eyes-friendly, and, they are beautiful. It also supports custom chat wallpapers.

Chatting is More Fun


Chatting is more fun with ToTok. Here, we can send all common things like Stickers, Gifs, Images, Videos, Documents, Voice Messages, Locations, and many more.

Delete Sent Messages

delete sent message

Another cool feature ToTok supports is that you can delete sent messages. There are many situation come where we send a wrong message to someone and that can be a big issue. But here we have ToTok, the savior. Delete Sent Messages and save the day.

Retouch Filter

retouch filter

There are so many people who are afraid of a video call. They usually don’t want to show their faces. To be honest, beauty is inside. Because, pretty’s on the inside, like that song. However, ToTok provides a feature to smooth your skins, it’s called the Retouch Filter.

Download ToTok

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