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True Skate
True Skate Mod

True Skate MOD Apk Download 1.5.56 (Unlimited Money)


Play True Skate MOD APK to perform many skateboard tricks like an ollie, kickflip, pop shove-it, 360 flip, etc. in amazing skate parks.

App Info of True Skate

App Name

True Skate


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About True Skate

Hey there, from here, you can download True Skate MOD APK which has unlimited money. True Skate is a sports game offered by True Axis. It has more than five million downloads on the Play Store. Perform many skateboard tricks like an ollie, kickflip, pop shove-it, 360 flip, etc. in amazing skate parks and show do you have what it takes to be a true skater?

True Skate Features

  • 78 Challenging Missions
  • 500+ Tricks
  • Real-life Skate Parks
  • Create Challenges
  • Complete Live Challenges
  • Easy To Install & Download
  • Root Free App

Overview of True Skate


True Skate MOD APK

True Skate APK is a game totally based on real skateboard physics. You will perform various tricks using the swipe actions. Every action is in your fingers. There are many missions you can complete. Each mission has different objectives like perform specific tricks, follow the path, get a certain score in time-limit. You will get a score for performing each trick. You will get a bronze, silver, or gold medal in a mission depending on your performance. It also has a free-play mode where you can skate freely as you want and practice tricks. In it, there is a reverse button to reverse the time and start from a previous location.


True Skate MOD APK

You can easily understand all the controls in the True Skate MOD but the real challenge is to master them. To move forward, swipe down on the ground. To steer the skateboard, tap on the center of the board and then move the finger left or right. When you tap and move the finger from the tail, the steering speed will be faster. 


There are over 500 tricks you can do in the True Skate MOD APK Latest Version. The harder the trick, the more score you will get. Here are some of the basic tricks that are required to perform the advanced tricks. Adding more spins and changing directions in these tricks is the key to the advanced tricks.


True Skate MOD APK

Ollie is the first trick you will learn even in real life. In an ollie, you perform a jump with your skateboard without any ramp. To do an ollie, swipe down from the tail of the board. It will launch the skateboard in the air. Then tap on the center of the board to balance the board in the air. 

Pop Shove-it

Pop shove-it is the half-spin of the board horizontally. To do it, swipe left from the tail of the board. It will spin the board horizontally. When it completes the half spin, tap on the center of the board to stop it. 

FS Pop Shove-it

Perform a pop shove-it trick but with the right swipe to do a frontside pop shove-it. 


Kickflip is the trick in which you rotate the skateboard in the mid-air. To perform this trick, first launch the skateboard in the air with an ollie. Then swipe left from the center of the board to rotate it. Tap on the center again after the first rotation to stop it. When it lands, kickflip will be completed. 


Perform a kickflip but with a right swipe to do a heelflip.


True Skate MOD APK

Bolts are the main resources in the game. You can earn bolts by completing missions and performing tricks. With bolts, you can buy skateboard decks, grips, and unlock all tricks. There are also in-app purchases you can buy to unlock skateparks.

MOD Features

In this MOD, you are getting True Skate MOD APK Everything Unlocked and unlimited money. All its in-game paid content such as stake boards, stake parks, tricks, etc, are unlocked for free. And with unlimited money, you can customize the stake boards as you like.

Installation Guide

Follow these simple & easily understandable steps:

  • Download the APK from here.
  • Open the Apk file from the file manager.
  • Enable unknown source installation.
  • Tap on the install button.
  • Share it with your friends.

Note: If you find any issue with the download or installation, then feel free and comment below. Thank you.

Download True Skate

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