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Among Us
Among Us MOD_result

Among Us MOD Apk Download 2023.11.28 (Mega Menu, Unlocked All)


In Among Us MOD APK, as a crewmate, you can complete tasks to fill gauge, respond to imposter attacks and call emergency meetings!

App Info of Among Us

App Name

Among Us


( 7 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Mega Menu, Unlocked All

About Among Us

Among Us is an action game developed by Innersloth. It is available for Android, iOS, and PC platforms. In this game, there are two roles which are crewmate and imposter. When playing the game, the server admin can choose the total number of players and locations. Maximum 10 players can play in a match where admin can select a maximum of 3 imposters.

You can play online as well as local. Local allows you to host a game and play with your nearby friends by connecting on the same wifi. In online, you can host, find public games, or enter private code to play with friends. There are three locations including The SKELD, MIRAHQ, and POLUS. Also, you can customize your characters. Wear amazing skins, play with pets.

Play Online with Friends

Among Us MOD APK

Play online with friends or with random, there’s always fun. When you are a crewmate, complete your objectives, have a sharp eye, and report dead bodies, find who is an imposter. Also, if you are followed by someone, who does nothing, and you see anyone going in the vent, he can be an imposter or maybe not.

Among Us MOD APK

While playing as an imposter, be sure to perform fake tasks. Kill crew members without getting caught. Once, you are caught, you are out. Also, when you are hosting a game, you can control the game. You can choose more tasks, customize walk speed, add more imposters, etc. A minimum of one imposter, you can choose. Also, you can play with 4 to 10 players at once.

What’s New?

Among Us MOD APK

Play local, online, and host the game. Customize your players. There are new skins and pet bundles to try out. Also, according to the latest announcement by Innersloth (developer of Among Us), they will be shutting down this game once there are no players in servers. And, there will be Among Us 2! Here on Clashmod, we will try our best to provide the game mod once it releases.

Among Us MOD APK

Final Verdict

As a Crewmate, you can complete tasks to fill gauge, respond to imposter attacks, call emergency meetings, report dead bodies, check admin maps and security for questionable activities, and more. While as an imposter, you can mingle with the crew, sneak within vents, act to complete tasks, sabotage the ship and confuse the crew, close doors & trap victims, and kill the crew, etc.

MOD Info

Mod 1 Info:

  • Unlock All Skins
  • Unlock All Pets
  • Unlock All Hats
  • Godmode
  • See Hidden on Map
  • Open Closed Places
  • Player Bug Task Event
  • Teleport
  • No Sabotage Cooldown
  • Remove All Task

Mod 2 Info:

  • All Skin Unlocked

If you have problems downloading additional dаta:

Before installing the MOD, please search the game “Among Us” on Google Play and click Install, after 5 seconds, stop downloading, then install the MOD and start the game!

Mod 3 Info:

– [ Player Menu ] –

– Show Player Info
– No Clip
– Move In Meeting
– Spam Report (Meeting Must Start)
– Unlimited Emergencies Meetings
– No Meeting Cooldown
– Close All Doors
– No Door Cooldown [Impostors]
– Can Move In Vent
– Sabotage Lights
– Repair Sabotage
– Teleport Outside
– Teleport Inside
– Spectate Player
– Shadows Through Walls
– Speed
– Torch Distance
– Pick Fake Role
– See Ghost + Chat
– Sabotage (Have Cooldowns)

– [ ESP Menu ] – Esp Lines To Players

– Crew-mate(s)
– Impostor(s)
– Scientist(s)
– Engineer(s)
– Guardian Angel(s)
– Shape-shifter(s)
– Ghost(s)”)

– [ Host Menu ] –

– Change Player Roles
– Kill Player
– End Game [ Impostors Win ]
– End Game [ Crew Wins ]
– Uno Reverse Vote [Everyone Votes Themselves]
– Anti Vote [You Cant Be Voted]
– Redirect Vote [Take everyone’s vote and vote a selected colour]
– Complete My Tasks
– Complete All Tasks

– [ Everyone’s Name Editor (Host) ]

  • – Enter Player Name
    – Select Player
    – Text Effect (RGB Animation , RGB Slider)
    – RGB Slider (Red , Green , Blue)

– [ Account Menu ] –

  • – Change Name
    – Enable Free Chat

– [ Passive ] –

– Chat Always Visible
– Unlocked Hats
– Unlocked Name Plates
– Unlocked Pets
– Unlocked Skins
– Unlocked Visors

Modded by Axey


  • Game doesn’t offers Google login method. Unsigned APK not necessary to be available;
  • If you cannot install the game, try uninstalling the original version before installing the mod apk.

Download Among Us

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