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Armed Heist
Armed Heist Shooting Gun Game Mod

Armed Heist MOD Apk Download 3.0.4 (Menu, Immortality, No Recoil)


Armed Heist MOD APK lets you rob banks, kill cops, place drills, collect cash, customize your outfit, and weapons and become the best robber.

App Info of Armed Heist

App Name

Armed Heist


( 3 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu, Immortality, No Recoil

About Armed Heist

Armed Heist is an action-shooting game offered by Sozap. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. Rob the banks, kill the cops, place drills, collect cash, customize your outfit, and weapons, and become the best robber.

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Overview of Armed Heist

Armed Heist MOD APK

You will play as a robber who goes robbing banks, jewelry stores, cash-filled trucks, and many other places. On the map, multiple jobs will appear from time to time that will be available for a limited period of time. Tap on any job, read the details, and start the job. In most of the jobs, you will have to kill the cops, collect the cash and escape from there. You can take cover behind the tables, walls, or vehicles, customize & upgrade your weapons. You will get cash, offshore cash, and crate on completing the jobs. Upgrade the weapons and armor to earn XP.  On collecting enough XP, your level will increase. New regions will unlock when you reach certain levels and offshore cash. 


Armed Heist MOD APK

The controls in the Armed Heist are not hard. You can easily understand and learn them. On the bottom left side of the screen, it has a virtual D-pad to move your character. Drag your thumb on the right side of the screen to change the camera and aim at the cops. There is a scope button on the right side to open the scope. It has a fire button on the left side of the screen. But you can also enable the fire button on both sides or auto-fire. 

Customize Weapons

Armed Heist MOD APK

It includes many types of weapons. Select from pistols, rifles, assault rifles, SMGs, or shotguns. Each class has multiple weapons. You can take two weapons with you in the robberies. Open crates to get their blueprints. Blueprints are required to upgrade them. Upgrading them increases their stats and unlocks customizable items such as scope, barrel, stock, front rail, magazine, muzzle, etc. All these items affect the weapon’s stats. 

Skull Heist

Armed Heist MOD APK

On the map, you will find many jobs of different difficulty levels. Easy, Normal, and Hard. Easy jobs give you one skull, normal jobs give you two skulls and hard jobs give you three skulls. On collecting six skulls, a special heist unlocks on the map. You can play these heists with your friends or random players in a team of three. On completing the job, you will get a crate that will open instantly. 

Co-op Heist

Co-op heists are multiplayer jobs. You can invite your friends or search for random players. When any player dies in the heist, other players can revive him. Tasks are simple. Find and drill the ATM, survive the cops’ wave, collect the cash, wait for the car, and get out of there. You will get regular rewards in these heists.

MOD Version of Armed Heist

The MOD version of Armed Heist has the following features.

  • Immortality
  • No recoil

Download Armed Heist

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