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Battle Bay
Battle Bay Apk Mod

Battle Bay MOD Apk Download 4.9.8 (No Bullets Cool Down)


Battle Bay Mod APK is a MOBA-like 5v5 game. In it, you will battle against the real players. Choose a ship, equip weapons, and battle!

App Info of Battle Bay

App Name

Battle Bay


( 2 )





Requires Android



No Bullets Cool Down

About Battle Bay

Hey there, from here, you can download Battle Bay MOD APK which has the high shot speed feature. Battle Bay is an action game offered by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. Choose your ship, equip powerful weapons, and jump into the battle solo or with your friends to take on players from around the world.

Battle Bay Features

  • 5 Types of Ships
  • Varieties of Weapons
  • Invite & Play with/against Your Friends
  • Complete Quests & Achievements for Rewards
  • Easy To Install & Download
  • Root Free App

Overview of Battle Bay


Battle Bay MOD APK (High Shot Speed)

Battle Bay MOD is a MOBA-like 5v5 game. In it, you will battle against the real players. When you start the match, you will be matched with & against a team of 5 players. After starting the match, each player has to pick their ship as they like. In the match, both teams will spawn on the arena. Their objective is to destroy all the opponents’ ships or capture the zone.

Battle Bay MOD APK (High Shot Speed)

The first team to achieve the objective will win the match. They can use varieties of weapons and strategies for it. On winning the match, you will get XP, gold, sugar, and materials. XP is required to increase the player’s level. On leveling up, the gold & sugar capacity increases. Gold is used to buy weapons, ships, and to upgrade the ships. Sugar is used to upgrade weapons & other items.

Varieties of Ships & Weapons

Battle Bay MOD APK (High Shot Speed)

In this game, there are 5 types of ships: Shooter, Speeder, Fixer, Defender, & Enforcer. The shooter has high damage, the speeder has high speed, the defender has high HP, Fixer can heal your allies and the enforcer has high agility. Choose your ship according to your playstyle. Each ship can be equipped with a certain type of weapons & items.

The weapons & items are divided into 5 class: Red (Weapons), Blue (Items that increase the ship’s specific attributes passively), Yellow (Items that grants buffs for a short duration on using), Green (Healing & Repairing Items), and Sky Blue (Items that grants defensive buffs for a short duration to the whole team). It has 42 different weapons & items. You can create so many sets with these many items.

Game Modes


Battle Bay MOD APK (High Shot Speed)

In this mode, there will be two teams of five players. And the team to achieve the objective first will win the match. The objective is the same; destroy all the opponents’ ships or capture the zone. In it, your ranking will not be affected whether you win or lose.


In ranked matches, you will earn & lose trophies on winning & losing the match respectively. Trophies are required to achieve the higher leagues. You will get more rewards in higher leagues. The gameplay and rules are the same as the casual match.


Battle Bay MOD APK (High Shot Speed)

In a custom match, you can create a lobby and invite your friends for a friendly match. You can play with up to 10 players including you. If you wanna challenge someone in a 1v1 match, you can do that too in it. But there will be no rewards for winning.

MOD Features

There are many types of weapons and each weapon has a different cooldown period. You can’t use the weapon in its cooldown period. You can’t even use another weapon just after using a weapon.  you need to wait for a few seconds to shoot another weapon. But in this MOD, all ships have high shooting speed. You can use other weapons just after shooting one. Also, their cooldown period is reduced.

You are also getting Battle Bay MOD APK Unlimited Pearls so that you can easily buy & upgrade your ships & weapons.

Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. None of your entered data is shared with any party. It is completely safe to use.

How many types of ships are there in this game?

There are five types of ships: Shooter, Enforcer, Speeder, Defender & Fixer.

What features are we getting in this MOD APK?

All the ships have a high rate of shooting in this MOD. The cooldown period of weapons is also reduced.

Can I play matches with & against my friends?

Yes. You can invite up to 4 friends to compete against the other players in casual & ranked matches. And you can create a custom lobby & invite up to 9 friends to compete against each other.


Thank you very much for reading this post. Battle Bay MOD APK 2022 is an amazing action-packed MOBA-like game with ships & varieties of weapons to play with your friends or to compete against players from around the world. You can easily win battles with the high shooting speed of all weapons using this MOD. And shooting speed is the main factor in damaging & destroying the opponents’ ships in this game. So, get it now and enjoy its features. Have a nice day!

Installation Guide

Follow these simple & easily understandable steps:

  1. First of all, tap on the download button and let the download begin. Once you download the file, you need to find it in your device’s file manager.
  2. For example, in this article, you can download Battle Bay MOD APK, so, after downloading, go to your file manager, and open the app.
  3. After opening the app, your device will notify you that this app is from an unknown source, which means, it’s not downloaded from the Google Play Store or any other official App Store.
  4. Don’t worry about the notification, and tap on “Enable Unknown Source Installation”.
  5. If there is no such option to enable “unknown source installation”, you can enable that setting manually by going to the device’s settings’ permission, and by searching “Unknown Sources”.
  6. Now, simply, tap on the install button, and wait.
  7. Battle Bay MOD APK Latest Version is successfully installed on your Android device. Now, you can enjoy using it, or share it with your friends.
  8. If you encounter any issues while installing or downloading this app, you can comment and let us know.

Note: If you find any issue with the download or installation, then feel free and comment below. Thank you, Team CLASHMOD.

Download Battle Bay

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