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Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD Apk Download 3.0.0 (Mega Menu)


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a multiplayer Battle Royale game for mobile devices. If you have played PUBG, you will have fun here.

App Info of Battlegrounds Mobile India

App Name

Battlegrounds Mobile India


( 82 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Mega Menu

About Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is an action-pack battle royale game offered by KRAFTON, Inc. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. Jump into the battlefield with your friends, use SMG, Rifles, or Sniper, kill all other players and be the only one standing alive on the battleground.

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Overview of Battleground Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a TPP and FPP battle royale game. Players will be taken to an island by airplane. They can jump off anywhere on the island. They will find weapons, ammos, medical kits, energy drinks, grenades, etc. at random locations. Their objective is to find weapons, kill other players and survive to the end to win the match. After a certain period of time, a circular safe zone shrinks.

The players outside this zone will lose their HP over time. It forces the players to come closer and fight with each other till only one player/team stays alive. You can play the matches solo, in a duo, or in a team of 4 players. When going solo, there will be no knockouts but just death. In the duo and team, players will be knocked out if they lose all their HP. His teammate can revive him before his red bar drops to zero.

Classic Matches

In the classic matches, there are 5 maps: Erangel, Miramar, Livik, Sanook & Karakin. Erangel’s size is 8×8 KM, Miramar’s size is 8×8 KM, Livik’s size is 2×2 KM, Sanhok’s size is 4×4 KM and Karakin’s size is 2×2 KM. Play solo, in a duo, or in a team. 100 & 50 Players will spawn on the whole island based on the map selected. Only one player or team will be the winner. You will get points based on your position in the match. Earn points to climb up in the league. The higher the league, the more awesome rewards you will get.

Arcade Matches

Arcade matches are shorter than classic matches and have certain rules. There are three types of arcade matched which are as follows:

Quick Match

A quick match lasts for 8 minutes. There are many variations in it depending on the weapons. There may be all weapons in the match or maybe only shotguns, pistols, melee weapons or only crate-type weapons. It is random.

Sniper Training

The sniper training match lasts for 15 minutes. And you will only find sniper rifles and bolt-action snipers on the map.


In the war, there will be multiple teams spawning in a small zone. It has unlimited respawns and players will have random weapons. They will get 3 points for killing the other players and 1 point for reviving their teammates. The team which earns the specific points first will win.

Download Battlegrounds Mobile India

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