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Beach Buggy Racing
Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing MOD Apk Download 2023.01.11 (Unlimited Money)


Play Beach Buggy Racing MOD APK and choose your car & power-ups to blow up the opponents and reach the finish line first to win the race.

App Info of Beach Buggy Racing

App Name

Beach Buggy Racing


( 4 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing is a racing game offered by Vector Unit. It has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store. It features 10 drivers with unique skills, 25+ power-ups, 15 amazing tracks, and multiplayer mode. Choose your car, upgrade it, race against other racers, use power-ups & blow them up, reach the finish line, and be the winner.

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Overview of Beach Buggy Racing


Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing is an off-road kart racing game. You will drive your amazing cars on the tracks near the beach. There are many outstanding tracks with unique surroundings. In a race, you will be matched against 5 more racers. On the way, you will see power-up bubbles. You can pick them to get a random power-up that you can use to your advantage and get ahead of others in the race.

To win the race, you have to complete the given goal like reaching the finish line first, completing the race in a certain time, etc. Depending on your performance, you will get stars. To unlock the next levels, you need to earn a certain number of stars. You will also get coins for winning the race. If you come in the first position, then you will also get gems & tickets. Whenever you start a race, a ticket is used. A ticket is refilled in half an hour or you can also buy them using gems.


Beach Buggy Racing

The controls are easy to understand but will need some time to master them, especially drifting. It includes 3 control schemes. You can steer your car by tilting your device and use the brakes by tapping on the sides of the screen. In the second scheme, tap on the sides of the screen to steer your car and tap the lower sides to brake. In the third scheme, there are left/right arrow buttons on the left side to steer the car and a brake button on the right side to use brakes. You can also use a gamepad to play this game.

Cars & Drivers

Beach Buggy Racing

There are 8 amazing cars you can drive. You can upgrade them to increase their attributes like acceleration, top speed, handling & strength. Strength is to withstand the other players’ power-up attacks. You can also change the drivers. It has 10 awesome drivers. Each driver has a unique skill that can be used once in a race. For instance, Mcskelly has the ghost ride skill. His skill summons the ghostly power that makes his car like a ghost that can pass through obstacles, traps & other cars.

25+ Power-ups

Races are even more fun with the rockets, missiles, fireballs, nitrous, tornado, and even more powerful power-ups. It has more than 25 power-ups. But in the starting, only 4 power-ups are unlocked. You have to unlock the rest of them using the gems to use them in the races. Use the death bat which targets the player in the first place & everyone who comes in its way and sets them on fire. Or use the low gravity power-up to send the cars in front of you flying in the air.

MOD Version of Beach Buggy Racing

The MOD version of Beach Buggy Racing has the following features.

Unlimited Money – You can use unlimited money to upgrade the power-ups, customize the buggies, and unlock the chests easily.

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Download Beach Buggy Racing

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