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Bid Wars 2
Bid Wars 2_result

Bid Wars 2 MOD Apk Download 1.97 (Unlimited Money)


Bid Wars 2 MOD APK is a simulation game where you can start your journey from bidding in auctions and then open your own business.

App Info of Bid Wars 2

App Name

Bid Wars 2


( 19 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Bid Wars 2

Bid Wars 2 is offered by By Aliens. This game is all auctions and growing your empire. You can participate in auctions and buy lots of stuff, you can find anything.

Overview of Bid Wars 2: Pawn Shop

In Bid Wars 2, the story starts when we find out our uncles pawn shop down the streets and our friend Mutt asks us to restart that shop. After winning some cash in an auction, both of them move out in their car. So, both of them are now reached the uncles pawn shop, which is now pretty bad in shape and needs lot of cleaning.


The Bid Wars 2 Pawn Shop game continues when we spend our time rearranging things in the shop like adding new shelf but as we know, it requires money. So, we can sell those items that we recently bought in the auction. We can tap on any item to see their worth. When we try to sell something in this game, it will take some time for people to buy. When someone wants to buy our item, it’s in our hands to deny or allow it.

Collect and Sell


Whenever we sell something in Bid Wars 2, our reputation in the business will grow which is so important. We can own inventory buildings to store our items but it will require money. To keep progressing in this game, we need to unlock auction locations from money. Once, we have unlocked it, we can enter in the auction. When you win items, you can take back a limited numbers of them in your car. So, choose wisely and pick items that are high in cost. All those items will be then stored in your inventory.

Various Auction Locations


After buying items in auctions, keep selling them, and try rebuilding your pawn shop. You can check for new objectives on your cell phone that will give your money after completing them. In auctions, you also get safe boxes. But they will be locked. We can unlock the locksmith shop where we can find Solomon, our friend, who will unlock those safe boxes. They may take more than 8 hours to unlock.

Grow Your Pawn Empire


When selling an item in the Bid Wars 2, we will see the actual value and the new value in which someone wants to buy that item. So, we can see if it will give us any benefit or not. We have to keep adding new items to sell them. There are various rarity of items such as common, rare, very rare, and legendary.

Upgrade and Unlock


We can upgrade shelves, car spaces, and inventory slots. More shelves means we can display more items on our pawn shop to sell. With more car space, we can take back more items to our inventory, and with more inventory slots, our inventory space will be increase. Once your level starts to increase, you can buy other buildings in your town. There is Casino (where people can be rich), Library, College, Auto Shop, and many more.

Download Bid Wars 2

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