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Bomber Friends
Bomber Friends

Bomber Friends MOD Apk Download 4.93 (Skins Unlocked, God Mode)


App Info of Bomber Friends

App Name

Bomber Friends


( 4 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Skins Unlocked, God Mode

About Bomber Friends

Bomber Friends is an action game offered by Hyperkani. It has more than fifty million downloads on the play store. Place bombs & blast everything that stands in your way, rescue the bomber villagers and play with your friends.

Overview of Bomber Friends


Bomber Friends MOD APK

In the Bomber Friends game, there is a village of bombers. But one day, orcs attacked the village. They took all the bombers with them and then separated every one of them. You will complete the campaign levels to find the bombers and rescue them. On each level, there are obstacles like bricks that block your way. You have to place the bomb and destroy them. There will be enemies too. It will be difficult to kill them as they keep moving. When you place a bomb, it detonates after some time. Use that time to take cover. You will lose your HP if you are caught in the blast. There is a locked door on every level. You need to find the key and go in that door. You can find the key under any obstacle.

Game Modes

Bomber Friends MOD APK

There are many game modes in the Bomber Friends you can play and have fun with. There is a list with an explanation:


The campaign is the story mode of the Bomber Friends which has 7 different worlds: Grasslands, Desert, Cursed Castle, Winter Valley, Under Passage, Robot Dominion & Medieval Kingdom. Complete the levels in each map to rescue the bombers and defeat the enemy bosses. There are more than 300 levels. With each level, the difficulty will increase.

Bomber Friends MOD APK


The arena is a multiplayer mode in the Bomber Friends. In it, 4 players will join the match including you. You have to kill other players and survive to the end. After regular intervals of time, the arena stage will shrink and solid stones will cover the outer square. You will get trophies for winning the match. Keep earning the trophies to increase your league. The rewards in the chest increase with the league and you will get the power-ups too on the way.

Bomber Friends MOD APK


In the arcade, you can have fun without worrying about the trophies. You can play the following modes in the Bomber Friends APK MOD:

Classic Battle – You will enter a match with three more players. Kill all the other players and survive to the end to win the match.

Reversi Battle – In this mode, there will be 4 players including you. But the objective is not to kill each other. When you detonate a bomb, the tiles’ will turn into your color. You have to cover more tiles than the other players to win the match. You will respawn if you die.

Bomber Friends MOD APK

Team Battle – You are not alone in the fight anymore. You will join the match with a teammate. Eliminate the other team to get the victory.

Vs Friends – Playing games with friends is more fun than random players. You can create a room and invite your friends. Up to 8 players can join the match. Blast your friends with the bombs in this mode.

MOD Version of Bomber Friends


Dumb Enemies Campaign
No Enemies Damage Campaign
No Bomb Damage PVP
Season Pass Enabled: Cant Claim but Some Perks are Enabled
Intrusive ADS Removed

Info: No Bomb PVP Enemy work too, enable it when you know you will get Hit or Blocked yourself.


  • Skins Unlocked


  • Mod Menu
  • God Mode (Seems to stop working on PVP; ensured working in campaign)
  • Ads disabled by default

Download Bomber Friends

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