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Bullet Echo

Bullet Echo MOD Apk Download 6.0.1 (Camera View)


App Info of Bullet Echo

App Name

Bullet Echo


( 3 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Camera View

About Bullet Echo

Bullet Echo is a PvP Tactical Stealth-Action Game game offered by ZeptoLab. It has hundreds of thousands of downloads on mobile devices, on both iOS and Android devices. Check below for all its features. If you love to play Random PvP Matches, then welcome to Bullet Echo! In this game, you can Upgrade Your Heroes Levels, Unlock New heroes with special abilities, participate in championships, win many rewards, and the important thing is getting rewards. You can unlock new weapons, maps, and even play this game with friends.

Overview of Bullet Echo

Bullet Echo MOD APK

The gameplay in Bullet Echo is awesome, the matches are short and you will see the map and the players in your team, you can either play with randoms or with your friends. You can collect armor, medkits, ammo, from the map, but beware of opponents. You can see them completely but you can hear them and see their footprints from a distance. Also, if you can hear gunshots as well. Try to pick armor, ammo, medkits, and keep yourself safe. Stay with your team and do the teamwork. Remember if someone from your team gets knocked out, you can revive them as well.

Easy to Understand with Lots of Action

Bullet Echo MOD APK

In Bullet Echo, you can easily understand all the basic features and enjoy the game with action. You can choose the game modes including Battle Royale, King of the Hill, and many more. They are known as operations. You can chat with friends, check your friend list, and send requests to people. You can check your batteries, coins, bucks, invite friends or play with randoms, access settings, and so many more options. From settings, you can even choose the graphics settings between Low or High. You can easily access all the Heroes’ information from the menu as well, and also, new events, your rank, shop, chests, and a lot more.

25+ Heroes with Unique Abilities

Bullet Echo MOD APK

In the Bullet Echo, there are 25+ heroes. All of them are unique in abilities and look, they have unique weapons, and the best thing is there are rarities. From common to rare to epic, unlock heroes and start playing with them. Also, another cool thing is we can upgrade them or let’s say train them (according to the game). Training requires money and you get money when winning battles or matches.

Upgrade Your Heroes and Win Easily

Bullet Echo MOD APK

Collecting cards of heroes will upgrade their levels too and you can get them from various types of chests. We can also upgrade our heroes’ abilities with batteries in the Bullet Echo, we can find them in chests and use them to upgrade a hero’s ability. Also, we can upgrade our gear with the help of nuts which are again found in chests. Each hero in this game has a unique biodata as well.

Beautiful Heroes Skins

Bullet Echo MOD APK

The special thing in Bullet Echo is, that it has skins, yes, all your heroes have unique and special skins. They can be unlocked or won in an event. From the store, you can buy skins with bucks (real money). Also, you can unlock free chests from the store and buy them as well. There are various types of chests in this game including Battle Chest, Skull Chest, Card Chest, etc. All of them give you various rewards like opening new cards and winning coins, etc.

How to install with GameGuardian?

GameGuardian—-a program that allows you to handle LUA files, i.e. a script for editing values in games—

Download Bullet Echo

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