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Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty: Mobile MOD APK

Call of Duty Mobile MOD Apk Download 1.0.43 (ESP, AimBot, Mega Menu)


Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK features battle royale and multiple 5v5 game modes where you can compete against the world to reach the top.

App Info of Call of Duty Mobile

App Name

Call of Duty Mobile


( 245 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


ESP, AimBot, Mega Menu

About Call of Duty Mobile

Hello, strangers. Welcome to the Call of Duty Mobile APK. Create your loadout, gunsmith your weapon, select your operator skills, scorestreaks, perks & gears, and get ready to face players from around the world in the most heated battle royale and multiplayer matches. Offered by Activision Publishing, Inc., it is the #1 top-grossing action-packed tactical shooter game.

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Compete for First Place in The 100-Player Battle Royale

Call of Duty Mobile (1)

Enter the most popular battle royale where 100 players jump on an isolated island to compete against each other and become the last man standing. You can go solo or with your friends in a duo or squad team. Various supplies like weapons, mods, grenades, rocket launchers, etc. are scattered around the map. You can pick & use them to kill your enemies. 

There are also chip terminals where you can upgrade your class to reduce their cooldown period & enhance their effects. Airdrops containing special loot and arsenal drops containing your customized weapons are dropped from time to time. Loot the drops before your enemies and step forward toward victory. You can ambush enemies, snipe them, or face them with guns blazing. To anything to be the winner. 

Create Your Unique Loadout for MP Mode

Call of Duty Mobile (2)

It also has MP Mode (Multiplayer Mode) where two teams of 5 players will compete for victory. You can create multiple unique load-outs to use in the match. In a loadout, you can select your primary & second weapon, three scoresteaks, three perks, operator skills, and lethal & tactical gear. After each death, you can switch between any created loadout. 

Call of Duty Mobile APK has 20+ operator skills such as gravity vortex gun, claw, reactor core, equalizer, shadow blade, HIVE, K9 Unit, etc. Each of these skills is so powerful and can deal fatal damage to enemies. Scorestreaks are also of 25+ types. Killing enemies accumulates points that are required to use scorestreaks. Points will be lost when killed. 

Some of the scorestreaks are UAV, Shock RC, Hunter Killer Drone, Counter-UAV, Predator Missile, XS1 Goliath, Napalm, Chopper Gunner, etc. Most scorestreaks provide different types of air support. For instance, a UAV shows the location of all the enemies on the mini-map. Stealth Chopper fires heavy Gatlin bullets at the enemies. Cluster Strike bombards missiles to a designated location. There are also shield turrets, guardian, wheelson, goliath, sentry guns, SAM turrets, etc. for ground support.

Customize Your Favorite Weapon

Call of Duty Mobile (3)

Call of Duty MOD APK has hundreds of weapons categorized into assault rifles, Sniper, LMG, SMG, Shotgun, Marksman, and Pistol. Each weapon has unique characteristics & attributes such as damage, fire rate, accuracy, mobility, range & control. You can gunsmith your weapon to customize its muzzle, barrel, stock, under-barrel, ammunition, read grip, etc. with different types of attachments.

Equipping attachments can improve the ADS time, ADS movement speed, recoil, range, hip-fire spread, and ADS spread. There are also attachments specifically designed to improve certain attribute stats. Based on your liking, you can equip up to 5 attachments.

Some weapons also come with special ammunition attachments. 

22 Different Classes with Unique Active & Passive Skills

It has 22 different classes divided into five professions that provide active & passive skills to players. These professions, their passive skill, and classes are as follows:

Call of Duty Mobile (4)

Defense-Profession Classes

Defender – It places a shield in front of you and causes a flashbang effect that blinds the surrounding enemies.

Desperado – It places a shielded turret with an LMG. Any of your teammates can use it to kill enemies. This class also has a passive skill. When the enemy knocks you down, then you can fight back with a pistol. If you kill the enemy in this state, then you will be revived automatically.

Spotter – You will get a laser. You can mark an area with that laser to launch a cluster air sticker there.

Igniter – When used, it leaves the burning tar behind you continuously. Walking through that tar will burn and damage them over time. 

Passive Skill – Players with any of these classes will take reduced damage from explosives & negative statuses. 

Disrupt-Profession Classes

Call of Duty Mobile (5)

Trickster – It creates two holographic decoys that confuse the enemies. It also increases your movement speed for a certain time.

Trap Master – You can place high-voltage current mines. When an enemy steps on them, it creates a current vortex that slows their movement speed and deals incremental damage. 

Smoke Bomber – You can throw a cluster smoke grenade that generates smoke in a large area. If there are enemies in that smoke, then they will be marked. You can use it as offense as well as defense.

Hacker – You can hack nearby enemies, up to 6, and disrupt their mini-map. Also, they won’t be able to use their class skills & gadgets. It also gives you immunity to other hackers.

Rewind – It teleports you back to the location from 6 seconds prior. 

Shock Wave – It releases a shock wave that pushes away nearby enemies, vehicles, and projectiles while dealing some damage. 

Passive Skill – Activating these classes’ skills will increase your movement speed.

MOD Features of Call of Duty Mobile APK

MOD Info:

  • Esp line
  • Enemy count
  • Esp enemy name
  • Esp enemy distance
  • Esp line:
    • Position top
    • Position middle
  • Esp box
  • Esp health
  • Esp health V2
  • Change esp color
  • Bullet tracking
    • Fov
    • Distance
  • Bullet track when
    • Shooting
    • Scoping
    • Universal
  • Bullet tracking target
    • Headshot
    • Bodyshot
  • Fov size
  • Fov color
  • Remove recoil
  • Remove bullet spread
  • Remove reload
  • Instant scope
  • Wallhack (default)
  • Radar hack (UAV always enabled)
  • Spectator mode (only battle royale)
  • Aim assistant sniper
    • Slider aim value (0~300)
  • High damage
  • Magic bullets
  • No device overheat [Turn in lobby]
  • Jump hack
  • Speed hack parachute
  • Swimming speed hack
  • Long slide



Download Call of Duty Mobile

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